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hella crazy chalk artist

LOOK AT THEM! [URL] the very last picture is HELLA DOPE!

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$90 to spend

so i only have $90 and i feel like spending it right now (not waiting to save up more) & i want to spend it on something good. suggestions? i'm a girl & fits shoe sizes woman 6/mens 5 so please don't suggest something that wouldn't come in my size. pictures of your suggestions are always great.

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sorry if it's a repeat thread. wouldnt know since im new & everything. [B]what are your favorite pair of kicks?[/B] [Image] Nike x X-Girl blazers camera quality sucks, i know. i really want nike slip ons!

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where to cop APEE?

anybody know some [I]trusty[/I] websites that sell APEE stuff? thanksss!

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