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Canadian Sneaker Forums!?

Just wondering if anyone knows if there are ANY Canadian sneaker forums or marketplaces where people are selling legit shoes? I would use ebay but the shipping prices are high and I don't want to have to deal with any border troubles. Ebay.ca is alright but still most of the shoes on there are still coming from outside of canada. Does anyone know of anywhere? Preciate it in advance blushing P.S. I'm looking for something other than the one on this forum, just to clear that up lol

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Market Research [Please Comment!]

So in case you don't already know I

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Business Plan: Financial??

Didn't know where to post this and it's already asked on sojones and ISS but thought I'd ask her just incase some of you aren't on the other boards.... Alright so i'm doing up my business plan and i've been unsure of how to tackle the financial part of it for some time now. In the section that i'm doing it wants me to calculate my revenue for every month of my first year in business and then my total revenue for my 2nd and 3rd year. I'm planning on opening my own online retail clothing site and I know I

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Cleaning VII? HELP!

Quick question.. you know the Jordan VII's the flint grey's? It's got that soft material throughout the shoe right? Well how are you suppose to clean that? Can you use the shoe cleaner you get from footlocker on it or will it stain it? I was told regular cleaner on it is a no go but ANY comments or advice would be greatly appreciated [Image]

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Trade Shows?

Anyone know of any trade shows coming to Canada's eastcoast? TO, Ottawa, Montreal or that general area in the near future?

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Calgary Shopping?

I've been living in Calgary for about a month now and other than goodfoot I have no clue where to find decent kicks and clothing. I've been to a couple malls around my area but the footlocker and champs don't have any forces or decent J's...Can someone help me out with wheres a good place to cop clothes and sneakers. Also what is the price range of the stores?? Preciate it in advance =D

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