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The Golden State Warriors lost the Kwame Brown Lottery

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Portlands Brandon Roy near the end of his career?

Only 25 years old, the countdown towards the end of Roy's career has officially started... According to reports, Roy has literally NO mensicus in either knee. The meniscus is what cushions the impact of running and jumping (wear and tear on your bones) on your knees, so Roy is literally bone on bone. And other than rest and anti-inflammatory medicine to help with the pain (which are bad for your liver), there is nothing that can be done. Microfracture surgery isn't an option. The whole point of microfracture is to stimulate new growth of articular cartilage (what covers the tips of your bones). Roy doesn't have anything to cushion his knees, so new articular cartilage would just be worn out before it could even grow. I can't see Roy's career lasting much more than two or three more seasons max. His heart and mind are going to be tested more than ever before because he's going to be in a lot of pain and have to take medication just to endure it. Pain, swelling and stiffness in both knees are going to be things Roy experiences for the rest of his career. At what point will he shut it down and start thinking about LIFE after basketball with his kids and family? With no mensicus in either knee, he's facing serious articular cartilage wear and tear, which will lead to bone deterioration. Thoughts on Roy and the future of the Blazers? Keep in mind, Blazers former GM Kevin Pritchard, just signed Roy to a max extension last season.

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The Official College Hoops 2010-11 Thread

Season is starting soon. Who does everybody got this season? Here is my top 25 1) Duke 2) Michigan State 3) Kansas State 4) Ohio State 5) Pitt 6) Kansas( I think Selby will be cleared) 7) Florida 8 Memphis 9) UNC 10) Baylor 11) Villanova 12) Gonzaga 13) Kentucky(If Kanter is elligible they would be higher) 14) Illinois 15) Washington 16) Missouri 17) Syracuse 18 Tennessee 19) Purdue 20) Temple 21) BYU 22) Georgia 23) Texas 24) Georgetown 25) NC State

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SLU is lookin a little racist right about now

So two B-Ball players were accused of rape by a white female student, but(like the Duke Lacrosse team) they were punished before the case has even been closed. [Quote] [URL]

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Your Favorite Music Video of all time?

I dont mean post a few of them or "its a tie between" i want you to post your number one favorite [URL] That moving floor amazed me as an 8 year old

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Two MSU basketball players accused of sexual assault

The latest and greatest case comes from Michigan State. You know, Tom Izzo

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A 21-year-old poses as middle school football player

We're just into a new high school sports season and there has already been a troubling imposter found among the scholastic ranks. According to the Associated Press, Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg Times, a 21-year-old man named Julious Threatts registered to play for the 13-14-year-old Town N' Country Packers of the Tampa Bay Youth Football League on Aug. 21, and played in a game with the team the same day. Threatts, who had a past burglary conviction on his record, reportedly signed up for a spot on the team under the name "Chad Jordan" with a forged birth certificate. After further investigation, it now appears that Threatts -- an avowed Danielle Steele fan who recorded poetry readings on a personal YouTube channel -- also played in the TBYFL two years ago and another youth league in the Tampa area last year. Make no mistake: This is not a Danny Almonte case of a forged birth certificate or a high school lineman holding a signing ceremony when he wasn't recruited, this is a 21-year-old criminal taking athletic advantage of competing against 14-year-olds. "Chad Jordan" might have gotten away with just playing football, but last week he tried to take his middle school imitation act to an actual middle school. Threatts attempted to enroll in Webb Middle School in Hillsborough (Fla.) last Tuesday, but his application was delayed because he lacked the proper paperwork proving his identity. When he was eventually moved to the school social worker's office -- Threatts told school officials he was homeless, so he was waiting with the social worker for the Department of Child and Families to arrive at the school -- his cell phone rang with a call from his mother, wondering where he was. School officials answered and learned Threatts' true identity from his mother, after which the 21-year-old was arrested for trespassing at the school. He has been held in Hillsborough County Jail since last Tuesday. "I brought him into this room with seven of our board members and coaches and said, 'Come on now, tell us the truth, who are you?' " [Town N' Country Packers athletic director Ray] McCloud [told the Tampa Tribune.] "He looked me right in the eye and said, 'I swear I am who I say I am. I'm Chad Jordan.' "This guy had us all fooled. I mean this guy acted just like a little kid. Everything about him was a little kid. He's a total scam artist." McCloud said Threatts' story was sufficiently elaborate to convince all the volunteers who work with the Town N' Country Packers. Threatts claimed that both of his parents were dead and that he had moved to the area from Seattle with his brother. On top of that, Threatts provided an email from Yahoo's own Rivals.com, which, naturally, knew nothing of the existence of any Chad Jordan. This also comes from the Tampa Tribune: There also was a lengthy e-mail from an alleged scout at the high school recruiting service Rivals.com analyzing Chad Jordan. McCloud said he believed Threatts also forged the e-mail. The e-mail, which circulated heavily among TBYFL coaches, said Chad Jordan was "a very special prospect" who "hasn't signed" but has "offers from USC (University of Southern California), Texas and Florida." The email included quotes and lengthy statistics. Obviously, the concern isn't just that a 21-year-old was able to convince overworked and overwhelmed youth football enrollment volunteers that he was a 14-year-old, it's that he was able to do it repeatedly. He was well on his way to playing a third year against 14-year-olds. And Threatts isn't just any 21-year-old, he's a convicted burglar and a convincing con artist. Of course, this isn't the first time that someone well beyond their prep years has posed as a scholastic athlete. Just last year a 22-year-old man in Odessa named Guerdwich Montimere claimed to be a 16-year-old Permian (Texas) High School sophomore named Jerry Joseph before finally revealing his true identity when authorities began closing in on his true identity. Months earlier, a 22-year-old man named Anthony Avalos tried to play basketball for Yuma (Ariz.) Kofa High School. Avalos was already attending the school and had played basketball for Kofa High School in the 2008-09 season before he was finally caught. Avalos was charged with forgery and sexual conduct with a minor. In both those other cases, the 22-year-olds were attempting to play high school basketball. The age difference between 18-year-old seniors and those imposters was only four years, and with basketball players, either 22-year-old could have had a body type that made for a believable high school basketball star. Threatts was trying to play football against kids that were seven and eight years younger. It's remarkable he was able to convince anyone he was that young, even if he stands 5-foot-11 and 160 pounds as reported, a believable stature for a big 14-year-old. Clearly, the Tampa Bay Youth Football League needs much higher admission standards, but the same can probably be said for youth football leagues across the country. At least the TBYFL reaction has been suitably furious. "I was angry," TBYFL president Scott Levinson told the Tampa Tribune. "My goal is to protect kids, to make sure they're all safe and taken care of. We're going to investigate this to the full extent." [URL]

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Carmelo Anthony Offers $5K to Slap Kat Stacks

[URL] Groupie Kat Stacks was in the press last week with her talk about posting a pic of Soulja Boy doing coke in his hotel room. Now she has gone and done it again

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Greece- Serbia fight.

[URL] Kristic went absolutely crazy, but what a pu$$y, he goes and punches the guy and then runs away and throws a chair.

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The Life and Times of Tim lives again

The best show on HBO is getting a 3rd season [QUOTE]A few weeks ago, Steve Dildarian appeared to be as down-and-out as the perpetually troubled protagonist on his HBO animated series

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Corey Fisher of Villanova scores 105


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The Refined Take of Lebrons Decision

[URL] First of all I'd like to announce that I'm converting to Islam. No, sorry, I'm joking, but seriously, doesn't this beard make me look kind of Muslim? (Silence) Ok....I thought I'd try to keep things light and start off with a joke but nevermind. Tough room. Some genuine thanks are in order. I'd like to thank the media at large for turning this into such a masturbatory spectacle, thank you guys. If it wasn't for the way you reported every rumor you heard from my friend's barber's cousin like it was a fact, I wouldn't be standing here today. And a special thanks goes to ESPN for turning what should have been a press conference at the most into an hour-long tv show. I've finally realized my dream of making T.O. and Ochocinco look humble, and for that I'll be forever grateful. And lastly, I wanted to thank the Boys & Girls club for showing up to make it look like this isn't completely self-aggrandizing. Stay in school kids, education is, uh, important, or so I've heard. I'd also like to take a minute to shout out the New Jersey Nets and L.A. Clippers organizations. There was never a snow ball's chance in hell that I'd sign with you guys, but the way you flew all the way out to Cleveland and delivered a presentation solely to feed my ego was great. Seriously though, the Clippers? You guys really are delusional. I kid, I kid. And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...I'm going to the Miami Heat. I honestly hadn't made up my mind until Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh signed, but once they did I realized the Heat were for me. Why? Have you ever been to Miami? I've spent my entire life in Ohio, motherf******* Ohio! I can't possibly tell you how excited I am about the endless supply of gorgeous half-Cuban models who will be throwing themselves at me every moment of my waking life. As for basketball, it never really was about winning championships. Sure, winning championships would be great, but you have to realize that I'm not consumed by the need to win like Kobe or that Jordan guy you compare me to. First and foremost I'm a brand - I told you from the beginning my goal was to become a global icon - and there's no bigger story than playing with Dwayne Wade. Together we'll be front page news even when we're playing Charlotte in February. Sure, I would have had a much better chance at a championship playing alongside Rose, Noah, Boozer and the Bulls deep bench in Chicago, but let's be honest, those guys aren't superstars. Bienvenidos a Miami! To all the fans and organizations I've jerked around for the past two months, especially the Cleveland fans currently burning effigies of me, I'm sorry for leading you on, but I just couldn't resist. You should have seen the looks on your faces every time I even glanced in your direction. You were like that desperate girl you're not ever going to seriously date, but it's just too much fun watching her follow you around like a puppy to tell her no outright. God that was a good time. It's always been about me, and me first. Of course it has - you've all been telling me how great I am for years. And now you're surprised that I've turned out to be narcissistic d-bag? Really? Anyway, thanks for joining me on this wild ride - let's do it again in six years! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go f*** Gabrielle Union. I'm just kidding Dwayne...kind of.

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Stan Van Gundy speaks the truth

It takes 15 seconds to say, 'I've decided to stay in Cleveland,' but we've got another 59 minutes and 45 seconds to, what? Promote LeBron James? As if we don't do that enough," said Van Gundy, who will not watch the special. He said Bosh has been following Wade around "for two weeks like a lapdog." Read more: [URL]... Stan Van Gundy is the man, speakin the truth.

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Toronto Will Sign-And-Trade Bosh To Miami

Told yall he wasnt goin to the Bulls and aint gonna play with Lebron [URL]

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Lebrons mom hookin up with Delonte West the reason he struggled?

[URL] I know Delonte West is as crazy as Chris Benoit but i dont think this is true

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