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Art Basel 2015

Who's going this year? Dec 3rd - Dec 6th. I hear it was lit in Miami last year.

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My Friends Make Music....

As an way to outlet emotions.... [Image] The Void [URL] Which one should I shoot a video for?

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my friends got tired of the same old music and made something new. hope y'all dig it http://soundcloud.com/theblackbeatles/sets/lss

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supervillianz why u jackin my steez

? just curious

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if someone can send me a ffffound invite i will send you really cool stuff

PLEASSEEE. Ive been looking for an invite since i joined HB. PM me if youre interested Help me help HB of course i will send yall invites once i get one!

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Evan Holt x Thelonious Martin "The Temptations"

So the homie @EvanxHolt linked up w/ the chicago producer @KingThelonious to deliver yall some chill heat for the fall. 11 songs All produced by Thelonious Im not advising you to give into your vices while you listen. But do what you please. [Image] [URL]

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Hypebeast Art Forum Trade

Okay so I think it'll be really cool if we established some sort of trade program exclusive to the Art Forums. Basically if you want to trade prints, art, drawings, sketchbooks, etc with other memebers, this is the thread to do so! I like a lot of yalls work and see a lot of potential in a great deal of you, and I personally would love to trade prints with some of the photographers here. This shouldn't be as complex as the Buy/Sell Forum, but a few rules need to be setup RULES: -To avoid the possibility of being scammed, please first PUBICLY request a trade in this thread -Only trade your OWN work -Each party must pay for their own shipping (it could get costly due to bigger pieces) THIS IS NOT A THREAD FOR THE TRADING OF CLOTHES, SNEAKERS, OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS NOT CONSIDERED "ART". Have fun and happy trading!

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HYPEBEAST ARMY CALL TO ARMS VOL: Lupe vs Ghost vs...Anon???

Not to many niggas know me since I tend to stay away from OT....but our fellow comrade, ghost, needs our support of the HB militia. I'm not too sure on the exact details but I do know that this just happened [Image] THAT IS NOT PHOTOSHOP AND IT IS VERY REAL. WE MUST NOT SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING If anybody has twitter, @ Lupe and Anon meme's/gifs/or whatever idc, but be sure to put #HBarmy afterwards. WE MUST NOT LOSE THIS BATTLE

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I am the peasant king of HB.

After infamous brutally committed post suicide, I was the heir to the throne. Now that i'm here, I find it lonely at the top. My fellow brothers, against my wishes, I've had the top posts for the past 2 years...and my only wish is to find the heir to my throne... Silently sifting through the dark I dictate all And reign over none Try and dethrone me if you can...  I'll be waiting

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bleach thread

man this chapter was mad good. smokeyface SPOILER [Image]

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Justify This Price

[Image] [URL] Please, explain to me why this costs so much?

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Persona 4 Arena

Thoughts? It looks like it plays like jojo's bizarre adventure [Embed content] http://www.ign.com/games/persona-4-arena/xbox-360-116913

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Deadwave - Burnout

So my homies just dropped their EP, Burnout, today and it's tight as fuck! If you like rad guitar riffs, 70s garage rock, and lyrics about nailing bitches to the rafters in a snowstorm, then this might interest you. Go download this, grab an ice cold Pabst, smoke a doob poolside, and enlighten your inner punk-rock-hipster-aficionado! [Image] stream/download http://deadwave.bandcamp.com/ http://deadwavemusic.com/ (P.S. the lyrics are attached in the download, so yea do that) I ONLY CAME HERE TO DO 2 THINGS MAN. KICK SOME ASS AND DRINK SOME BEER

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[Quote] Basically i'm selling 10 copies of one of my favorite shots. They're 2x3 feet so they're big as fuck. Only 30 bucks shipped, first person to buy one will be hooked the fuck up. Dont ask with what, just know you will. If this goes well, I will be doing more bigass sales in the future. Later.

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Peep My 1st Interview!!

Check it out!!! It's my first and definitely not my last lol. [URL] Props to washpahpin smokeyface

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