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Supreme Box Tee help!!!

Hi, i bought a supreme box tee not long ago and its the white tee wif the red shiny sticker that says supreme on it. I washed it wif machine for first time then i jsut hand wash it but somehow the sticker starts to come off...is there anything i can do to fix it? any suggestions? I bought it at SUBURB hongkong...so i fink its legit? plz i need help

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BAPE in Oakridge mall vancouver, LEGIT OR fake?

Any one can tell me if the store in oakridge mall vancouver selling FAPES or BAPES?

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks

Anyone know where i can cop PRP(not sure) denims?

ANyone heard of the PRP or PPR or watever dat is similar? i heard their jeans are tight.....i wonder where i can get them.

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I heard that besides RICHKIDDs, "twenty four" is the other store that sells supreme gears. Anyone been there before and where is the exact location. Please tell me what else do they sell in store.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Anyone knows where u can cop good Supreme jackets from websites

I realli want some supreme jackets and tees also.....any sites to recommend?

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Schmack Fall 06 where can i cop these fine shitz

Im sooo hooked up wif these designs, especially the red hoody. Anyone can knwos where i can cop them. Websites are fine also, or any stores in Vancouver selling them?

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Undercover Tee and Jacket Sizing?

Hi , i want to know the sizes for undercover, i know they number the sizes instead of naming them by S, M , L or XL. Thereforem i wonder, ( i wore size L for bape tees and basicly other tees) wat size number shd i wear for undercover tees and jackets?

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I wonder how much are fiberops t shirts and jeans. I wonder wat is the IDEAL price for thsi brand since i dont wanan get ripped off! HYPERS PLZ help!

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Swagger, i know dat Kanye wears it but really, anyone know what so special about it and anyone can show me some of its products? Oh n most important where can i grab them in Vancouver or in Hongkong?

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Your Tee Collection

Feel free to post your tee collection, i will post mine later

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RICHARD KIDD's New shipment for Supreme

blushing Any one check out Richard kidds lately? Heard they have some new supreme stuff for sale but i have no idea what they have? Someone tell me please? (especially the KATE MOSS tee)

2 Weeks ago in Canada

SUBDIVISION grand opening party! I attended ....DID YOU?

Nice store, cool people, owners from other clothing stores........freeBEER ahhahhah and damn met a lot of cool people! ANthony the store....COOL guy. ANy of you attended?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

U prefer JAP clothing brands or AMericans? YOUR OPINION!

ahhaha japanese street brands and american brands are always my favourite. BAPE, undercover, supreme , stussy , triumvir and BLAH BLAh Blah, hahha im just interested in wat u guys think about japanese fashion and american's.

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anyone knows anything abut SUBDIVSION?

THE NEW STORE SUBDVISION.....anyone knows wat they got in da stores? i mite go check out their opening grand party ...so anyone can give me some details about this store?

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