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[Image] I starting teaching myself graphic design last summer and I'v been developing t-shirt designs for a while. I have settled on this design and name. I have the concept and several other design ideas for this brand Im calling "KOOL HEIR". Please give me constructive criticism and tell me if you guys would wear this design on a t-shirt

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Saul Alvino's beat tape

If you got time check out my nigga Saul's first beat tape [URL]

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Got accepted into Portland State University, should I go?

ayye, Portland university wait listed me, but PSU accepted me.

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Better place for college?: NY Vs Seattle

NY vs Seattle: which city is better for college I was either planning on attending Hunter College or Brooklyn College or University of Washington. or should i scrap those and go to Univ of Denver boulder?

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Kid Cudi's New Girlfriend

Her name is Stella Maeve, she's 23 and is an actress she was in Brooklyn's finest and currently has a role in CBS' Golden Boy [Image]

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Working on this design for a streetwear brand.

I want honest criticism. [Image] the black isn't included in the final cut

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Does being a jerk really work?

I like this chick, but i feel like i'm too nice of a guy for her to like. I wanna try being a jerk but idk...

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I think Joey Bada$$ caught the Based God Curse

Joey Badass fucked around and caught the based god curse

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What are the In and Out when texting girls?

Lol I feel like texting girl is a job..any advice?

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About to Try Shrooms For The First TIME, What Should I Expect?

Me and a couple friends are going to a concert on Saturday and we are planning to do Shrooms b4 we go.  Any advice?

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Is J.Cole tryna be the New Biggie?

Just listened to Cole's whole tape and I was wondering is this just a modern  frail light skin reincarnation attempt of BIG?

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Post your wildest Story HIGH Story Here

I made this thread because yesterday was pretty rare. My nigga and I smoked like 10 bowls by at a park by a catholic church.  We were talking about wildest shit ever. My dude said, "what if Heaven was for the goody good and boring people and Hell was for everyone cool...I bet there so many scientist there right now.. they probably have air condition by now" It's was around 9:30 we saw some Mexicans playing soccer. I was like "Bruh we gotta play soccer". So went to play soccer and there was tow Mexican dudes and one pretty Mexican chick. They were cool as fuck. I fucking hate techno/dubstep and they were playing that shit and at that moment it was the best fucking thing " had ever heard. I was jamming my fucking ass off. We played soccer for like an hour with some wild music on. I ain't play soccer in a while but I was getting it in, scored like 5 times. Man!! Soccer is really intense while high. So we left at like 10:45. I swear I created a masterpiece of a song just the lyrics when I was walking home. When I got home: my sisters were fighting and my nephew was home. I was upstairs in my room when my nephew came in and wanted to wrestle, and like 5 minutes later I think he got CONTACT high because he was exasperatedly laughing at everything. He left and I concluded my night with the "kid named Cudi mixtape".  Cleveland Is the Reason is badass when you're baked. most won't read but fuck it

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The best places to GET HIGH???

where do you guys like to smoke: car, forest, shed, lake inside, etc?

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Suggest Things To Watch/Listen/Do To while high

SuperJail Pink Flyod- Darkside of the moon Regular Show Adult Swim-Off the air Holograms(band) (Diiv) Indicud LiveLoveA$Ap Shrooms(Movie) Mnecraft Mac Demarco Courage the cowardly dog........ These are some of the things I watch and listen to

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What's The Psychology Behind Commercials?

I don't get why widely known  businesses like McDonalds pay so much for commercials. I mean they are already established and the whole globe knows who they are and what product they offer. Nobody I know ever bought a product because a commercial persuaded them to do so.l If they want or burger or a new phone they probably know in general where they are going to get it from. Maybe I'm wrong but this a project for a class and I need thoughts an opinions.

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