Learning another language

I'm curious...How many of you know another language and how did you learn?

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Wu Block

Album is pretty filthy. New York, New York. [Image] http://music.aol.ca/new-releases-full-cds#/3

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[Embed content] http://iamjmsn.tumblr.com/ This song is DOPE!

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Here's something

I've been working on the past few days. My and my fam just put together this video just to see how it would come out. Keep in mind it's the first video i've directed. Any thoughts/suggestions? [URL] Thanks :D

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Guess what?

I have a new song called "Stepping Out". Produced by my homeboy dviousmindz. What ya'll think? Feedback? [URL]

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Joe Budden - MM4 Anticipation thread

Ya'll still like Joey? [URL]

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Tiron - Mustard

So I've seen his name posted up on blogs but never really checked for him. I downloaded his latest mixtape, sounds good and it has a Blu feature which was initially why I took a peak. [Image] [URL] What do you guys think. Can't help but say he sounds like Kanye! I have no idea where he is from or what dude even looks like.

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Thing we do while taking a shit

So when I'm taking a dump I'll probably read a good book, read the newspaper or bump some music. What ya'll do?

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Amazing concept

Amazing concept, and also funny too! [URL]

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In memory of Kenan And Kel

Kenan:Kel, I'm gonna need you to grab me a comb, five donkeys, two screwdrivers, four kangaroos and Gucci Mane and meet me in Popeyes. Kel: But where do I find those things?AWWWWWWWW here it goes. Your turn

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Cockblock Stories

I know you guys must have some stories about being cockblocked or cockblocking someone else >smh

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So there I was.....

Looking through pictures on my hardrive then I saw one of my eye. I thought it was cool, so I zoomed in then on my iris i noticed that I have the word BE on there! Take a loook[Image]

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blackra1n FTW!

Was so easy to do! [URL]

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[Toronto] Jay Z @ The A.C.C

Anyone coming along. Pre-sales are available right now. The password is BLUEPRINT! SO AMPED!

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Return Of The Hypebeast Producer Battle

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I've been on hiatus for a moment but what up? So I think it's time for another one of our producer battles. Sub if your out there you can help make this more official but as of now let's see who want's in?! If you weren't involved in any of the last battles basically what happens is: A random sample is given and you are given a period of time to flip it. Once submitted all the beats will be be judged anonymously and picked by fellow hypebeast users voting within the forum. So who want's in?

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