hype cog

lmao watch this please

[URL] my boy makes videos and he needs some views check it out guaranteed laugh or at least a chuckle or something

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im a 18 year old artist check out my work

ive been drawing,painting,airbrushing all that for awhile now and i just graduated im looking to do something with my art and possibly make a career out of it so tell me what you think and post it whereever you like thanks alot im open for jobs too got this idea from kaws/that guys tattoo (everyones seen it) [Image] let me know if you wanna see more thanks

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whos the best at drawing on here?

battle me

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starting a clothing line feel free to take a look

im a 17 year old artist working on a clothing line called filthy rich i made a couple of designs and i wanted you guys to check them out. positive and negative feedback is appreciated [Image] thanks blushing

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Who is this girl??

Somebody tell me who the girl in drakes "over" video is?

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Find this gif for me?

i need the gif of the ashy black guy getting rubbed down with money plz and thank you

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Am i the only bboy on HB?

if we got anymore breakers in here post some vids

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New years resolution?

lets be honest get more $$ fuck more hoes

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im thinkin about makin some ( out of boredom) has anyone tried it before?

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Shorts under jeans

am i the only one??)

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WDYWT (Hall of shame)

post the wackest fits that youve seen in WDYWT

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Deep v-necks

thoughts on super/deep v necks?

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Soulja Boy- successful


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