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heard about this dude through a homie. dude's ill as fuck. [Embed content] smokeyface

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HB Revolution 2012 Vol. Peace out Dark Age

All great changes in history began with the need to make use with what people had to make an eventual impact on society. We, on the HB forums, have been forced with dealing with a different layout and dumb, horrible users who have continued to disgrace the name. We all have seemed to be fussing about this for MONTHS now. Its actually worse than a ginger kid at a Tuscon, Arizona Wal-Mart begging to their obese mother to buy them the Clash of the Titans DVD while they don't even have a DVD player. Who are we crying out to? What we really can do is shut up and deal with it. C'mon ya'll. I know you're all smart. Most of you are asian. I can respect that. It makes me look good. I live in Daly City, CA; I'm a minority here. I've been used to the takeover. Stop ya'll bitching and then maybe we could actually make this place cooler. [Embed content]

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Key & Peele

I think I might be the only person that enjoys this show a bit too much but I'm not sure. I find it hilarious but could see how a lot of people wouldn't. Someone plz join me on my ashed stained couch and have a watch. I just packed the 3 footer smokeyface

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concert with ex bitch

aite so there's a Shpongle(psy trance) concert 2m that I paid for awhile back when me and the girl were together. Now, maybe I'm bein a little too salty but she's bringin this new nigga. Shpongle never performs live so I gotta go but damn I don't even wanna get my third eye on no more just in case I see those ppls. I'm already planning on leavin em once we're in tho(don't know anyone else going but y'kno how things like this go) but shits kinda whack. How do I treat this fool?or just shpong the fuck out [Embed content]

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Me Spittin over a Dilla Beat

check this shit out, just a demo of something I threw together out of thin air. [URL] excuse the shitty youtube instrumental and garage band recording

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Everyone Look

[Image] I suggest to you all to download this. underrated as fuck Pure classic right here. better than R.E.D or TCIV or WTT [URL]

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Hey Ya'll

Aye this is a first attempt at recording in a booth. Just check out the track and give any feedback. This isn't a final track or anything. Thanks. [URL] btw the homie made the beat

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dude wants to beat my ass

aite long story short, I know this dude who gets too emotional and shit always gets to him. While I was out of town for a week, my girlfriend got into an argument with this dude. This guy takes shit way too seriously. I called him and asked wtf was going on and he tells me and he apologizes and shit but my girl doesnt want to apologize for what she said. I of course dont think she even has to since shes a girl and this dude should just move on. Instead, he wants to beat my ass and I'm a skinny dude. This guy has at least 30lbs on me. What to do? I know where he lives and I feel like I need to get revenge on this dude somehow for the shit he has said to both me and my girl.

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Quitting Smoking

So I'm 3 days strong, quitting cold turkey and feeling alright. How have you guys stopped smoking? and for those who used to smoke and have been going strong, do you still have the temptation to smoke?

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Holy Fucking Fuck

I did my gay ass essay on American Immigration and even went out to buy new ink for my printer, right? So now after it took me fucking years to get my old cartridge out, its now taking me fucking centuries to get the new one in. After typing a long ass essay, I'm suppose to be happy as fucking tits, but no, because my gay ass printer is gay as fuck. I'm srsly about to go rape someone right now. cool story, bro. subprime, log off.

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So I was on Reality Kings...

and I saw this picture and couldn't stop laughing. I was quite confused for a moment. [Image]

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Venetian Snares.

Holy Fuck. This shit is inane and brutal. I love it. Anyone else into him? [URL]

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Happy Birthday SFCA!

Bitches didn't make me a thread so I be makin my own. tongueface out to get high as fuck. peace hoez.

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Minus the Bear.

Who else digs them? I think they're dope as fuck. [URL]

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Best Period for Music.

When do you guys think was the best time for music? I absolutely feel it was the early '90s. It was the Golden Age for hip-hop, when some of the best hip-hop albums came out. As for rock, you had the infamous grunge scene and a time when some of the best rock bands were born.

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