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been taking so many Ls that there seems to be no end in sight, any help?

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For Sale Size 11-11.5 heat Appetite for destruction size 11.5 -100 shipped -7/10 condition Neon J Pack- size 11- 170 shipped-9/10 condition  Twin Peaks-size 11.5-120 shipped 7/10  condition   Brian Anderson-Size 11-160 Shipped 7/10 condition Mork And Mindys-size 11-185 shipped- 8/10 condition Black and tans-size 11-135 shipped- 8/10 condition Message me for more pics. [Image]

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[FS] Supreme Size Medium tees Blowout!

Selling all my size Medium tees. they don't fit me anymore so my loss is your gain. All tees are 100% Authentic and purchased from the webstore. My apologies I don't know the exact name for some of these tees. Shipping only to the USA. NO RETURNS Supreme "mechanic" tee. 7/10 Worn and washed a couple of times 30 shipped [Image]

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GREATEST music videos/commercials OF ALL TIME

i will start.......... [Embed content]

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idk if I should, i think i might

is this a smart move or nah? Selling my xbox 360 and fifa 11 & gears of war for $130.00 yay or nay

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Vol. NahmsayenN

How do you guys judge a rap song when you hear it? You guys think the beat is important or that lyrically its amazing? I think the beat is crucial, like if a song has a wack beat it can never really be that great. In my opinion What chu slim3s think??)

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