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Type of bitches u hate most?

Basic ass hoes wearin Forever 21 but swear they Kim K Claim they know music but they idol is Lana Del Rey..

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How do asians do it?

[Quote]This has to be troll bait

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League of Legends Official Discussion Thread

Add me on NA  My ingame name is "Amr" Plat 5 blushing

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Yeezus Movie

Is it going to be released on DVD or something after it drops in the threatres?

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How Big is your Porn Collection?

Honestly I've never downloaded porn, i'd rather just stream and get a quick nut yfm smokeyface

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Orange is the new Black Season 2

[Quote]Yoo i'ma have to agree with this [Image]

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What are you listening to?

[Embed content]

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WDYWT Shoe Edition - 2015

Can anybody recommend Nike Roshe Runs to me and where I can cop for a good price?

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Online Shopping for jeans

I recommend N&F skinnyguy fits, Looks really nice and costs around $80-160.

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Whats the dumbest question you ever heard?

"You're so tall, do you play basketball??!" everytime

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

Copped some Skinny Guy Deep Indigo 15oz (Not the stretch version but the normal) Pics w/iPhone 5S so the quality isn't the best, but it's not horrible either. Patch [Image] Fits smaller than Levi 511's around thigh/waist area in my opinion, the legs and everything else is about the same. But Levi 511's are the closest comparison that I've tried honestly. This is without pre-soaking or anything, straight out of the package fit test. I went TTS and they were pretty snug. If anyone wants to check out how they fit on me, let me know and i'll try to show you. I'm 6'4 and I found the inseam to be at a perfect length for some stacks but not too much, my dad who is 5'11 tried them on and it fit him pretty well too.. I wouldn't get it tailored or anything like that, the stacks look really nice. One note is that they bleed like hell, expect your hands to be super blue after putting them on for the first time. I wouldn't recommend white shoes or white boxers on lol.

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