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Mens Apparel, Unit, The Hundreds, Triumvir, Fuct, Another Enemy (S-XXL)

Unit Riders MX Grenade Girl Mens T-Shirt, size S-L $25 [Image]

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For Sale Thread Closed

I read and re-read the posting rules before and after switching my post to be more organized. Rather than repeatedly adding photos in multiple posts (as I kept maxing out the allowable number of characters), I linked to an eCrater store I created. This allowed categories, Google checkout and more buyer protection. Now the thread is closed? [URL]

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Sick Halloween Costumes?

It's tough for guys. We can't just wear slutty clothes and be a 'nurse' or 'vampira'. It's either gotta be cool, which is hard to pull off, or funny. Whatcha got this year? I was thinking Kanye and interrupt peoples conversations saying 'I'll let you finish but Beyonce had the best video of the year...' smokeyface

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The Hundreds, Stussy, FUCT, Triumvir, Johnny Cupcakes, Oakley, Dissizit! & More!

Trying to keep it simple I went through the marketplace rules to make sure I was in compliance. To clarify, I am an individual trying to clear out my collection, not representing a store of any kind. The rules state that you may not link to eBay. I set up an eCrater account because it's easier to post new items and a more organized way to shop. It also offers buyer protection and Google checkout. [URL]

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Help a Hypebeast out and VOTE...

Trying to win a random contest. [URL] and vote for John W on the bottom left. Somehow I'm listed twice so select the one closest to the top. Thanks! &)

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Silkscreens, Anime & Just Lots of Stuff

I guess I'm a pack rat of impulse purchases. I like toys and always want to own the new cool electronics, etc. I've had restaurant kegerators, a Maytag Skybox, motorcycles, scooters, over 30 cars, video game systems, a working ATM in my house, etc. My current obsessions are these... I collect silkscreen art, mostly Rock Art (limited posters advertising a certain band and show), but also stuff from a local artist here who does local roadside architecture. I'm out of wall space so most of it is in portfolios now and not hung. To compliment the art, I started buying some Rock figures and anime dolls. I don't watch anime but think they go well with the posters. I also collect Oakley stuff, I have many of their bags, 57 pairs of glasses, shirts, jackets, collectibles, etc. As most of you, I also have a ton of clothes, more than my closets will handle. Nothing dressy though. Mostly jeans, tees, hoodies & shoes. Overall, I'm pretty loyal to a few brands... LoveSac, Oakley, Fuct & The Hundreds. I snapped a few photos to give you an idea. [URL]

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