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Some nerd posted this on FB

<<<<< Oh no i'm getting chased by a hurricane.

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What do you See as Greatness?

Bruce Lee poster hanged up , other side frank sinatra , sammy davis jr and dean martin .

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What to eat at school?

pb and j , few carrots or some veggies ; a drink thats it .

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Fed up with Beats. Need replacement.

audio technica ath-m50 best ever.

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Mexican History Month

haters gon hate.....

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DOOM strikes again Vol. stop supporting this nigga

Damn he's fucking up....I heard he did it at rock the bells a concert in san berdandino . pretty whack if he did....

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those first ones are alright but the laces kills them . WTF !

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School starts tomorrow Vol. Goodbye for now

i'll probaly try to be on this a little...during school shit . i'm never home when schools lets enjoy this shit . smokeyface

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Does anybody else ever feel this way?

shit man , sometimes but you just gotta remember life is the way you bouta live it . i'm just dreaming for more shit and pushing for it . nothing but YOU , but life is like that your friends can live your life for you and everyone natural reaction is for themselves to survive and ish...haha

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Job Interview

[Quote] :LAWL !

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