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I'm really starting to question some of the music on my itunes library that i have downloaded from years ago and I finally got the motivation today to redo my whole itunes library & i was wondering if i could get some of your guys help? new & old music all appreciated, hip hop/rap is my main genre and i of course want some of the classics in there like b.i.g, pac, big l, old classic kanye albums i just started fucking with the whole 2.7.5 raider klan shit & its tight i really fuck with the 90s vibe soooo first mixtape im adding to my library is Raider Klan's greatest hits vol 1 smokeyface feel free to add YOUR top albums in your itunes library below thanks guys i really appreciate it.  what are considered to be YOUR essentials in that library of yours that you couldnt go with out listening to

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion