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Post Your YouTube vids!!!

Here's my first one... [URL]

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My First YouTube vid!!!

Peep game... [URL]

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H&M alternative: Zara

Check 'em out if it's your steez. Been passed and waited outside the store by me many times while the GF would shop, but not 'til I got bored and decided to peek inside did I find out about their men's collection. Really, it's like H&M fits but even better. The prices are admirable and reasonable too. Copped a nice brown vest that'll go nice w/ the slim bottoms I spotted at H&M off of Union Square in SF. btw, normal price was $80 but they mistakenly stickered it on sale for $50, so they gave it to me at that price anyways. Highly recommended for those gettin' their grown man on. Also, read about them on Wikipedia. It'll interest you even further. [URL]

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Show Yo Crib!!!

Well, I've searched for post's like this and came out with nothing so here goes. Been living in my spot at South Sco for a minute. Inspired by Dwell Magazine and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, the funds don't allow too much of that at this point. But to me, this is definitely a good start. This is for all you Homeowners, Apartment/ Loft Dwellers, and even Room spotters show whatever you've got. Let's start off with my attempt at Boutiqism lol: [Image]

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