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My music: Yukon Ho

Whattup guys and girls? I have been making some music and doing some remixes recently. Tell me what you think... [URL]

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For anyone who owns an iPhone!

Two apps that you absolutely need to use: [B][URL][/B] Holy shit. This almost renders the ipod function useless. You can search and stream pretty much any song through uicktime on your iphone. Just do it. Feel free to add any apps that you like to this thread.

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Anyone in the Seattle area going to Bumbershoot?

Monday is going to be dope. John Legend, Lupe, Ted Leo, Wu-tang...

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Rich Kids...

Being prejiduced towards someone because of the amount of money their parents have, or the area they live in, is just as bad as being prejiduced against someone for their race. It is something that one cannot control, just as one cannot choose their race. Edit: There was more here, but it wasn't important.

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