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anyoneone still play fifa 11?


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almost got a dui vol.fuck the police

got pulled over after chilling at my boys house, had two 32's of dat O.E. and three shots of honey jack daniels(im still kinda drunk as im writing this). i was speeding home because i wanted to get the fuck home, i pull up to a red light in anticipation that the light was going to turn green but it didnt so i was like half a car length over the line at the stoplight. the fucking pig was going down the perpendicular road that i was waiting at at the stoplight. i saw the cop and stared that motherfucker down, who wouldnt right? as im staring the son of a bitch down i see his head snap back tward me and he stares me down as im staring him down, and we both are staring eachother down at this point and he slaps a U turn and goes right behind me and i know im fucked. he pulls me over asks for my license, i dont have it on me so i tell him i dont but i do tell him i have my insurance and registration. He takes that shit but never tells me what he pulled me over for so i ask him and he says "you were too far over the line at the intersection of blahblahblah" i say oh ok. he takes that shit back, looks over it for a while i guess then comes back and asks me some bullshit about where i go to school blah blah then he asks to do a "test" i say ok whatever he makes me follow his finger so i do it and i fucking passed. the second i pass he fucking hands me back my shit with an attitude telling me to go on my way. i dodged a fucking bullet oh and ps this is the third time ive gotten pulled over with illegal shit, the first two times i had a good amount of bud on me and the second time i got pulled over i was with my boy and they made us get of out the car when i had bud in my pocket but i denied the search and they called a canine unit and the stoopid fucking dog walked right by me when i had bud in my jacket pocket. fuck le law they freaked me the fuck out

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