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[WTB] Assorted Visvims Sz. 9-9.5

Yo, I rarely come on to HB anymore but looking for a few older Visvims in Sz. 9-9.5 Brand new or in great condition.. Mine are beat and want new pairs.. Please email me at scottylincoln@gmail.com for a faster response.. - Visvim FBT shaker (olive)  - Visvim FBT Ancestor (Khaki or Brown) - Visvim FBT Taa Dine (Black or Dark Brown) - Also if u have anything older u are trying to get rid of, i might be interested

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Delete Thread

Yo, I rarely come on to HB anymore but looking for a few older Visvims in Sz. 9-9.5 Brand new or in great condition.. Mine are beat and want new pairs.. Please email me at scottylincoln@gmail.com for a faster response.. - Visvim FBT shaker (olive)  - Visvim FBT Ancestor (Khaki or Brown) - Visvim FBT Taa Dine (Black or Dark Brown) - Also if u have anything older u are trying to get rid of, i might be interested

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Brand New Jordan Fire Red/Black Tongue 5's - Sz.10 - RETAIL

Please Read - These are brand new never tried on.. I am just looking for retail on these plus shipping, so first come first serve! - I accept paypal only plus 4% fee - I ship everywhere including international  - PLEASE NO FLAKERS!!! Serious buyers only!  BIN: RETAIL ($160) + SHIPPING  * I dont usually come on here much but as people know i used to be a mod on this site, i am 100% legit and i came on here to hook whoever up on this site! Fastest response is through email scottylincoln@gmail.com[Image]

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[WTB] 40oz LA Balmain inspired SnapBack

Yo, just stopping in to check and see if anyone is selling a 40oz LA Balmain inspired SnapBack? I am only looking for the LA cap and in black only! Not looking for crazy rape prices cause remember these are Balmain inspired not Balmain! If selling hit me up, PayPal ready!

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[FS] DS Jordans IV, V, Spizikes, Dubs (Sz.9-10) Last Price Drop!

PLEASE READ - All shoes are Brand new and Deadstock - I accept PayPal and Postal MO's - I will ship everywhere  - Serious offers ONLY! Please dont waste my time.. Email me for immediate response at scottylincoln@gmail.com.. Can message me here but i will prolly only check once a day or two! Jordan Military 4's Sz. 9- These are from 2006 not the new ones! BIN: 200 shipped OBO [Image]

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[FS] Brand new Jordan III’s and V’s (9-9.5) Sold! Delete thread

Im back!!! Nope not really, just came back to sell some Jordans that I want to get rid of now! Please Read: - These are all Brand New, Never worn! Don't even think I tried them on.. - Paypal ONLY! 4% fee or Gift - I ship everywhere - Don't have time for people to flake, so only serious buyers! - If interested, email is the fastest way at scottylincoln@gmail.com, I will only be back on here to check maybe once a day for messages! I also will be posting some others up as well, just have to go through them and take pics! - All new members, I used to be a mod on this site, Im 100% legit! Jordan "Cool Grey" 3 Sz. 9.5 BIN: SOLD Jordan 5's University blue/black Sz. 9 BIN: SOLD Jordan "Grape" 5's Sz. 9.5 BIN: SOLD

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Cleaning Out Sale: Jcrew l H&M l Supreme l Other

[B]PLEASE READ [/B] - I have decided I need to get rid of alot of stuff I have just sitting in my closet cause it is all to big or I just dont want it! So everything is for sale only! - I accept Paypal(gift or fee), postal money order, or concealed cash(at own risk) - I ship everywhere including international - Please PM if you want to buy something, dont clutter the thread [B]Supreme "too much" Tee: BIN $30 + shipping[/B] - Sz. L - Brand new, only tried on [Image] * Warmest and comfortable boot that I have owned as well [B]Timberland Earthkeepers 2 Boots: [COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR][/B]

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[OFFICIAL] Fitness, Nutrition, and Supplement Discussion Thread

New thread has now been created for all discussions on fitness, nutrition, and supplements... Everything from workout routines, different exercises, nutritional & dieting, and supplements will be discussed in this thread.. Any other threads in made about any of this will be deleted.. There was the same questions repeatedly asked in the other threads, so before asking read this first page before asking them... If u have any questions that weren'y answered, feel free to ask... [B]Frequently asked questions:[/B] [B]What healthy food should I be eating?[/B] [B]Lean Proteins:[/B] Fish Chicken Turkey Beans You can occasionally have lean cuts of Red Meat. [B]Complex Carbs:[/B] Brown Rice Whole Oats Beans Sweet Potatoes Whole Wheat Pasta [B]Vegetables:[/B] Broccoli Spinach Asparagus Peppers Tomatoes [B]Fruit:[/B] Apples Oranges Berries Grapefruit [B]Fats:[/B] Olive Oil Flaxseed Oil Avocado Natural Peanut Butter Nuts Fish [B]What foods NOT eat?[/B] dressings, dips and butter. Saturated and Trans Fats found in processed food. butter, oil and Hydrogenated Oils. high sodium, high sugar sauces such as Soy Sauce and BBQ Sauce. Lunch Meat, Cheese, Fries, Chips, Ice Cream, Mayonnaise. [B]How to gain mass/bulk?[/B] Eat 5 to 6 times a day but with bigger portion.. Some people feel they can dirty bulk then cut but i dont advise it.. If you are looking to put some size on the best way to do it, is lift heavier weights, less reps, more sets.. Most people do whats called 5x5 workout programs.. 5x5 is 5 sets of 5 reps each with heavy weights.. [B]What workouts for weight loss? [/B] Eat 4-6 meals a day, eat smaller portion and keep your calories down.. Also be sure to eat good amount of protein, good carbs and good fats.. For losing weight, u want to find a good workout plan with good amount of cardio.. Some people do circuit training and other lift doing 8-10 reps, 3 sets and do alot of cardio.. But the most important part is your diet with losing weight! [B]What supplements should i be taking?[/B](These are supplements that been tested and proven to work) - Whey protein, Casein Protein, Soy Protein - Multi Vitamin - Omega 3 - BCAA - Glutamine - Creatine - CLA - L-Carnitine * These are the basics and answers to most of the repeatedly asked questions.. You can add to them or can think of adding to what i have wrote.. But any other questions feel free to ask and any discuss any other stuff you want to discuss!

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Official Instagram Thread

Who is using instagram on here? If you dont know what instagram is, its an app on the iphone to post and share photos... Not sure if u can use for any other device or if its just for iphone... So if using instagram post it up! User Name: Thisisscotty

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Official Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz

Its official, showdown set for September 19th in Las Vegas! This is a big fight for Mayweather, Ortiz is a big WW who is a hard hitting southpaw.. This is also a huge test for Ortiz to see where he sits among the best in the world.. The way i see it, only way for Ortiz to win is to finish this fight early or hurt Mayweather in the early rounds.. He cant just sit there and just box with Mayweather cause thats where mayweather shines after the 6th round.. If no damage is done to him, he beats u in those last 6 rounds.. Ortiz has to finish early or atleast hurt in em to take em off his game.. [Image] - Also Ortiz looks big in this pic, he's bigger than mayweather and taller! * ALSO THIS IS NOT MAYWEATHER VS PACQUIAO DISCUSSION THREAD!

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Looking for/Where to find Discussion Thread

[B][COLOR="Red"]The name speaks for itself, there is to much clutter of people trying find or looking for something threads.. So here it is, if you are trying to find where to cop something or Looking for something post in here.. Also this not a thread for people to ID something there is a thread for that already.. Lastly, If you make a seperate thread it will be deleted..[/COLOR][/B]

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Official Shorts Discussion Thread

Official Shorts Discussion Thread Where to cawp cheap chino shorts I'm looking for plenty of colors to pick and size 28 in stock?

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Jcrew sale: Chambrays, Button up, more...

[COLOR="Red"][B][I]READ[/I][/B][/COLOR] - Everything is for sale and prices are set - I accept paypal(gift or fee), Postal MO, Concealed or Meetup - I ship everywhere, prices will very for International buyers - Serious buyer's only [B]Whats for sale [/B] - Blue Chambray Sz.M, worn once - Pending - Red Chambray Sz. M, Brand new - $70 Shipped - Button up Sz. L, worn twice - $45 Shipped - Cardigans coming soon [Image]

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The Official Snapback Thread

The Official Snapback Thread I want some snapbacks but I don't want to pay 150 for them (TI$A) and I'm not gonna drop 60 or 80 for them, because on Mitchell and Ness they were 28 to 30 bucks in the summer. But now they only got the Cavaliers snapbacks and the other hats are duckbilled. I want a straight billed snapback for around or under 40 bucks. Any ideas?

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Rest in Peace to a Legend(Notorious BIG)

14 years ago Biggie was killed on this day! Lets show em some love and remember this legend by posting videos, verses, pics, and etc... R.I.P Biggie Smalls [URL]

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