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Bishop 3rd000 (first video I directed in NYC)plus my song check it out!!!

This is the 2nd single from my album and the first video I directed. Had alot of of fun shooting this in New York. I'll get much better at shooting behind the lens but let me know what you think about my song. Even though I know mothafuckas on hypbeast don't really reply like that anymore on here.  [Embed content]

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Bishop3rd000 (Strange music newly signed artist out of Houston)

[Embed content] Listen to his full mixtape/album here: [URL]

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One of the best video editors in the game right now

This cat from The Netherlands is one of the dopest video editors I found on youtube recently. If you indulge in any kind of hallucinogens or that sticky leaf or just love visual art anyway these videos are FOR YALL! [Embed content]

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Hip-hop indie artist guide to NYC

What's good HB, I highly doubt I'll get any serious responses but I'll be in NYC this summer. Looking for some stores, showcases,any instiutions for hip-hop indie artist to pass out music and network with people in the industry.

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Bishop3rd000 - Mama Say (official music video)

PURE DOPENESS Texas/ATL based artist [Embed content]

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I need a intro looking for a talented producer

I'm not gonna filter thru beats beats over and over again and hear the same style of production(no offense) so I decided to make my own thread. I'm working on my album right now but looking for the perfect beat for my Intro. A song that can really set the tone for my album. I can tell you right now not looking for Spacy/Trippy type beats/ Neither am I looking for boom bap stereotypical 90's beat. I want something epic think of Puff Daddy ft. Biggie "Victory" or Queen's We Will rock you. I'm looking for Triumph overcoming adversity type of production w/ soul where I can just beast the fuck out. Can any producer on here provide that type of production for me? Please post ya soundclouds and what not right here so I can give it a listen.

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Any dope female rappers out there?

First off if your a female rapper on here please post up a link to your music and any other info. I'm only asking about female rappers who are easy to access where I can talk to them. Not female rappers who are already established in the industry (mainstream or indie scene). I'm talking ones who got a soundcloud or whatever music hosting site where I can listen to em and if I like there music I can get in contact w/ em w/ ease. I got a song i'm working on on my album and I hear a female rapper on the beat and wanna network w/ a dope one.

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Looking for digital artist ASAP any digital artist i'm willing to pay for your services

I'm an artist and i'm dead serious when it comes to my brand and my music. I've done business with several artist/ producers on hypbeast and have came thru with payments so I don't play around. With that being said any digital artist on here please hit me up. I'm trying to have a specific image put on a t-shirt and sell em at the A3C hip-hop festival during Oct-9-12th in Atlanta so I need to link up with any digital/photoshop artist asap. Please post your work here if you serious and can respond back to e-mails in a fashionable manner. I'm super easy to work and love art so let's connect. Post ya material here. I know it's a thread where artist have all their work but I know it's easier to just make a thread asking whose serious and letting it be known yes I will PAY.

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Anybody from Atlanta in the music industry on here?

What's good, i'm thinking about moving to Atlanta in a couple of months. Wondering what spots do rappers hit up for open mics,showcases, hand out cds,network. Who are the movers and shakers in the city that are easily accessible to reach for a underground rapper? I'm in Houston right now building my brand here. And I love Houston to death really don't want to move but when it comes to making hip-hop a successful career it's a harder market to grasp esp. when you don't make cliche type of stereotypical Houston music. Houston is a great city to get a start but lacks major plugs like Atlanta. Of course nowadays with the internet you don't need to move but trust me creating buzz on the internet and being in a city with a good market for hip-hop doubles your chances of having a successful music career. So if it's anybody from ATL let me know the spots,venues to hit it up. Is it still a hotbed for underground rappers?

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Houston based artist "Bishop3rd000" new single "Vertigo" from upcoming album "Marsviewston,Tejas"

[URL] [Image] New single Vertigo produced by DMV's own Suede Moccasins  New Houston based/East Texas raised artist Bishop3rd000 new single. Also if you aint never heard my music in your life check out my other tracks like my 1st single "Zikeadelik" produced by Toronto's own Josh Grant. Also check out an episode of Subtle blend with Josh Grant remixing the single Zikeadelik. It's the very first song being played [Embed content]

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Anybody know how to create and edit videos?

I'm looking for someone on this forum that can create and edit videos. I'm looking for some visuals for a couple of music I got. I'm just looking for someone who can piece some movie/cartoon/tv show clips together and add some effects and what not. If anybody on here does that please give me your contact info and pricing and what not so we can do some business.

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Said fuck it I'll start producing my own stuff where do I start HB Producers??

Alright producers of HB I could really use you're help on what you feel is the best software and tutorials to start producing you're own beats. I'm coming to the realization that the sound I want for my album won't be accomplish unless I do the beats myself. What are some of the software, beat machines etc. you use to create you're sound. And btw this is no knock to any producers on here. I actually fuck w/ a lot of producers music on here. But just right now I just got these sounds in my head and a specific route I wanna go w/ this album. And I have to do it myself. If you all can point me in the right direction to start my transition to producer/rapper I would preciate that a lot fam!

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Looking for serious producers for an upcoming album (please hit me up)

1st of all im aware there's about 2 production threads already made. But after I hit up a producer from the most recent production thread who had some amazing beats but wasn't selling them I decided this thread needs to be made. I was under the impression that surely if you make beats then you'll sell them to a artist but I was wrong. So any producers out there looking to sell their beats please hit up this thread w/your soundcloud page. And if you know any other sites/blogs with young serious producers please let me know. Im dead serious when it comes to networking. And the project im working on im trying to have a completely different sound then what alot of artist are coming with. I've heard a couple of talented producers on here but I also peeped alot of producers on this forum have the same sound. An experimental "trippy" type sound. Won't lie so far out of my favorites Josh Grant and Black Kubrick are among my fav. producers on here. They have some sounds that push the envelope and that's what im looking for. Beats on that calibre. Think stadium,concerts soundtrack type shit w/hip hop infused in tha heart of that shit. So if you serious please hit up this thread. If you want exposure hit up this thread. If you want to get paid hit up this thread. Im a strugglin artist but I will pay for ur beats if I can afford. I don't low ball producers

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Bishop3rd000- Bishop: Year One [NEW MIXTAPE OUT OF HOUSTON!!]

[Image] [URL]

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