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Supreme Box Logo Bad Brains Hoodie? Legit Check. HELP!!!!

Yo hypebeast, help me out. Yes this is my first hypebeast post, I've never needed to post before. I recently came upon this Supreme Bad Brains hoodie that I've never seen before. I've seen a hoodie with the band members on the back and a bad brains logo on the front but I've never seen the box logo print on the front and bad brains members on the back. Screen printed box logo opposed to stitched is... Rare, too. Rare, or fake. The hoodie is a weird thinner looking fabric as well. I've never owned any shirts or hoodies from this era of supreme though, so I have no idea what kind of hoodies they were using back then. The guy is guaranteeing it's authenticity with my money back, but he may know less than I do about this piece, so hopefully someone here can help me out. This is a dope hoodie though so I hope it's real. Help me out if you know anything about this hoodie and/or 2008 era supreme. I can't find anything online. Hook a brother up. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks