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In tough times, it seems only natural for people to unite, stand up, and work together to rise above. Over four months have passed since the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Sendai and the surrounding areas and a lot has changed, but the rebuilding is far from over. [Image] Supporting brands: ANYTHING, AMMO, AM, AUTUMN, BODAGAN, BLACK SCALE, CHOP SHOP, CAVIER CARTEL, CLIENTELE, DEADLINE, DIAMOND SUPPLY, DQM, FRANK151, HALL OF FAME, HOMAGE, J-MONEY, MIGHTY HEALTHY, SSUR, SOUL ASSASSINS, 13TH WITNESS, UXA, VEHICLE. The shirts can soon be purchased for a limited time at [URL]. The cost of the shirt is

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[NBHD] - 2011 Discussion Thread

Neighborhood SS 2011 [URL]

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WTaps / Supreme / Bape / etc... (S~XL)

All gear is shipped from Sendai, Japan. All payment is via PayPal in JPYen. ([URL] [/B] WTaps Camo M-65 L

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