Tekken 6

Anyone get it? I got it and the netcode is ass. Basically lag whatever match you go into. 100% of your matches will lag. Even with green bars there's noticeable input lag of about half a second. I went into games where it didn't even move. [URL] Severely disappointed in Namco, how can they release this? There's no excuse because SF4's online play is good. Supposedly a patch is coming out though.

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PS3 to get Netflix

Pretty sick. The PSN store's selection was pretty weak and its expensive. Now with a disc and a monthly fee you can stream from netflix's selection. [URL]

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MvC2 coming to PSN/XBLA?

Hope this happens.. Wonder whats going to happen to all the $60-70 dollar copies of this game on ebay haha. They would be dumb not to put this game up, there are a lot of people who would buy this. [URL]

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Final Fantasy XIII

[URL] Wow. This sucks for Sony. smh

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[FS] - HUF Stoops T-shirt (L)


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Metal Gear Retrospective

[URL] 2 videos that go into detail about the history of the series. Good memories. This got me really pumped up for MGS4. Just a few more weeks man...

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Send your name to the moon


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Official Starcraft 2 thread

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An Empress and the Warriors (2008)

[Image] [URL] Enjoy. (The first one works) I'd say it's the HK version of Gladiator. The last battle was epic. Donnie Yen is a badass.

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Tees that glow in the dark?

Is there such thing? Not like the print but the WHOLE t-shirt glows in the dark. I want a tee that glows for the glow in the dark tour hahah. Come on I know you tried to get one for your glow in the dark dunks. tongueface Tees in glow in the dark print would suffice too though.

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What topic should I do for my speech?

I have to do a speech for my Communication 103 class. It has to be about a cultural artifact that is not your own. (I'm Filipino btw so no Filipino stuff) I have to talk about it for like 3-4 minutes. I have no idea what to talk about so any suggestions would be great. Also, it has to be pretty interesting because I don't want to research some boring shit or give a speech where everyone's half asleep. Here's the prompt: The purpose of this assignment is to increase your knowledge and skills in public speaking and to familiarize you with conducting library research. For this 3 minute speech, you will conduct research and speak about the significance of a specific object, person, event, place, or concept to a culture or co-culture that is different from your own. Your purpose is to inform the audience about a cultural artifact with they are not familiar, or to provide new information and a new perspective on something about which they may already know a little. For example, you may do research on and speak about the importance of the coffee bean to the Columbian people, the significance of the Lady of Guadalupe to Mexican-Americans, or the relationship between surfing and the Hawaiian culture.

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Fox News blaming Hip-Hop for kids smoking blunts

Anyone see this shit? [URL] This shit pisses me off.

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WTF My mom washed my raw jeans!

I woke up this morning to find out she washed them. I wore them for 2 months strait without washing only a hot soak and all the honeycombs and whiskers are gone. There's not even a bit of fade in those spots but the jeans lost indigo, they're not dark or shiny anymore. Man fuck. I'm so upset.

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What does your HB SN mean?

For me SCF is my initials. Then definit is kinda a play on words- Definite or it can be read Def in it.

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Anyone here play Tekken? I been playing for like 6 years now? Been playing since Tekken 3. Best character is Heihachi but I can pretty much use anyone. I like picking random vs non-skilled players lol. The arcades here are pretty competitive though because of the SD Tekken team. I'm thinkin of gettin a PS3 just because of Tekken haha. Well, MGS4 too =P But, damn I need to start saving up. I'ma just crash my friends pads who have a PS3 for awhile haha.

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