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What are you listening to?

Basically anything with Gang Starr Foundation.. but mostly Gang Starr Big Shug

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Illest hip hop punchlines...

Some of my favorites... The rings and things you sing about, bring'em out/ Its hard to yell with the barrell in your mouth" Notorious B.I.G. - Rap Phenomenon "That made him smile though his eyes said, "Pray for me" I'll do you one better and slay these *****z faithfully" Jay-Z - Dead Presidents II "Ya ass forgot, so in case you don't remember me/ I'll run ya brain around the block to jog ya fuckin' memory//" Eminem - 313 "Bust shots at Big Ben like we got time to kill" Method Man - Protect Ya Neck [w/ Wu-Tang] "Get your snotbox smashed with a 9/ Smacked with a rhyme, push your forehead to the back of your mind//" Rakim - I'll Buss'em, U Punish'em [w/ Canibus]

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion