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My band Above Nothing

Hey hows it going hypebeast, well i just wanted to inform you of my up and coming band from boston. Were called above nothing, were and alternative rock band and we'll either sing you to sleep or blwo your fuckin ears off. Well the reall point of this thread was to if any of you guys could help us out and vote for us in the battle of the bands, right now were in 26th place and we need to be in 20th to qualify for the new england regional. THANKS!! if youd like to check out some newtunes we posted from our demo go to. [URL] [Image] Love, AN

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Full Tilt Poker

Any you guyzes play on full tilt, come on I know there gotta be a few gambling addicts on hb [Image]

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ID these vans

[Image] anybody know what vans these are?

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My laptop wont saty open anymore. help

So yesterday when i opened up my laptop the screen just completely fell back and will no longer support itself anymore. Im pretty sure the hinges are the problem and are a cheap fix, but im wondering if thats it casue the tubing where the screen connects to the bottom of the laptop is cracked. anybody have this problem before? I have a hp pavillion zv6000, theyre notorious for this kinda thing i heard.

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Wiping your ass with baby wipes

So I was talking to my buddies at work today and I found that two out of four actually used baby wipes to wipe their ass after they get the nitty gritty out with toilet paper. Poll. how many of you guys still use baby wipes to keep your ass clean. no homo

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Official why i love old people thread

[URL] This video has to be the funniest thing i ever seen

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World of Warcraft

anybody on here play W.o.w the new one jsut came out and my friend bought it, he hasn't been to school in 4 days i think im gunna go over and visit him tonite and bring him some food or some shit hahaha i cant play it it pisses me off for some reason

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Stussy San Fran 50% off nike sbs

Come through and SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!! Most of the store is 30% OFF retail... Not to mention select NIKE SB's prices have been slashed to 50% OFF!!! Don't sleep! Limited time only!!!! Hit it up u bastards and buy some shoes

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Skating shoes

welll recently ive been skating my ice creams and before that i skated my lunars but in the last week or so my ankles have been taking a beating there so bruised its rediculous, soooo i was wondering if u guys got any suggestions on shoes that have more paddin aroudn the ankles or that are maybe mids or highs that would kinda stop this problem or atleast take some of the impact off wen a kickflip attempt fails or the board just bounces back up and hits me in the ankle

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LavieNY x New Standard U love my style tee

[Image] u can cop this from new standard boutique, they dont have a website yet but if ur up in Las Vegas u can cop from new standard boutique, i dont like it much its been used too many times imo but big ups to them looks like theyre doin some big things over in Lv

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HUFxNAO b day celebration

[Image] thought id post it up for you guys aroudn the san francisco area

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Air Jordan XX2 Low 5/8 pics

[Image] not sure when these are gunna drop but honestly not looking forward to them at all, they look like they mite be alrtie for ballin in though

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Crooks and Castles Online Exclusive pullover hoodie

[Image] online exlclusive its availabe at crooksncastles.com go hit it up

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Dick in a box another victim

hahahaha i couldnt resist ther ewas a box laying around, u guys gotta try this its hysterical and can make for a great myspace flick [Image]

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DQM Bowery by HUF Release January 6th

[Image] DQM is droppin these saturday at 11 30, not sure but i think u can get them at HUFSF.com and NIMNIM.net, i mite try to cop one of the hoodies online if i can otherwise im done wit all over prints

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