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Official Fixed Gear Thread

im getting tired of cruising around on my skateboard. any good names to throw out there for recommendations on a fixie? I look on craigslist and see stuff, but none of em for those "below average" height people.. fuji has one, but if I can find one cheaper, then thats all it'll take to change my mind.

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The Challenge Has begun!

this thread should be re-done AFTER summer. Why would I try NOT to have have sex during the summer? lol

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Parents buying cars for kids

i skate my ass to work and back 5 days a week, and still don't have a car. I have a lot saved up but apparently not enough for the car I want. I get hella jealous when kids like 16 are driving in their parents nice cars, and I'm just skating by.. oh well I'm saving hella gas money. Its like 4.50 over here now!

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things i hate about summer

waking up sweaty when you didnt even have a blanket..

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[Quote] no matter what we're going to face some problems here and there, but at least having some hobbies will balance out the negative with something positive to look forward too

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Diamond Mercedes.


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Smart Car. Opinions?

co-sign. the yaris is better in every way possible. the smart car is NOT worth it at all.

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Celica, RSX, Mustang, or Camaro?

not to me considering N/A cars are usually higher compression..

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Super Thick Leather Belts

how long is the wallet in length?

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do u still sag?

no sag. just wear low.

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Sacramento, Ca

I might come by sometime soon! and have that hypebeast discount ready ;D

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Goin' Commando!

No. 10character

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Walmart stories

theres so many stories at walmart. before I bought a pair of raw wranglers there lol. And i used to go almost everyday at 3-4am. Play catch with baseballs and gloves. Ride the bikes around. Race the carts. Play the demos. Blast all the stereos on the same channel just to make noise. etc.. etc..

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Now that summer is pretty much here...

[Quote] i live around sac too. it wasnt so bad! I should get heavier denim! blushing

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