HK People Check In!

i havent logged in for so long!!

2 Weeks ago in Hong Kong

Nike Air Force 1 Hiroshi (Fragment) Tier 0 Premium '07

This one isnt that good if u compare to the tier zero AF1... that one is better than ever!!! but i couldnt pickblinkyeyes

2 Weeks ago in Nike

Any one in the badminton ?

I like to play either... but just not good on it.... it requires quickness and response!! i lack of both ?) but i will go to South China, they provide training program in HK!!

2 Weeks ago in Sports

NBA Finals

I think Suns against lakers must be very exciting!! but i cant watch it... I hv to school!! Go cav. I support you guys!! um... and wut abt jazz against Rocket?? Any comment?

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Weight Gain Mix

your situation is like mine... i am 180cm but i hv only 120 pounds! I couldnt gain weight either, man!! I played bball and some football too!! I am now 20. I cant even gain one pound! I will hit the gym in this coming summer. Hopfully, i can gain 10 pounds!

2 Weeks ago in Sports

What's The Last Movie That You've Seen?

The pursuit of happyness!! i watched it with fds who are boys!!!! crazy single sex dating!!!!!!

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

FIL in Hong Kong

Um..... do u guys hv any another new abt visvim in HK? i am looking forward to seeing their products!! I must buy a pair of Hockney which in black color!!!!&)

2 Weeks ago in Asia