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Going to Manhattan in Aug. (where to shop, eat)

Will be in Manhattan for a day. I need to know some good spots to eat at(really want to avoid tourist traps) and also clothing,shoe stores to shop at. Wondering if the Hundreds or Mishkanyc is located in Manhattan. Also can you all direct me to any area on the island that has good graffiti. I don't know if graffiti is limited in Manhattan where I'll mostly be at. But I know we'll be hitting up Soho,Lower Manhattan and Harlem which I know the further I get away from Times Square, Downtown, Business center I should see graffiti mecca.

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new group out of Texas (TPC Squad)

Just in here to help promote my homies..its a group out of Texas..this is 3 of the 5 man group solo albums..artist BSlim,Kyle J da Prince, and Big Low [URL] (BSlim)E2 To Perfection could I get some feedback..negative or positive..aslong as you listen thats all I care about..

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Anybody design there own clothes? Customs? Screenprint??

I basically want to design a shirt that nobody will have of course..but I want to know if anybody else on here designs there own clothes using screenprint or paint or whatever(no airbrushing)I basically want to place some images on a shirt..but with great quality atleast on the level of some shirts I seen from underground clothing brands in the Kazbah section on Karmaloop.com or hell even name brands like Thehundreds/Mishka/Crooks/Mighty...u know where i'm going..and i'm not trying to make a clothing line just want to do 1 or 2 shirts for my own sake..if anybody has done this before could you post up ya material so I can see the quality..and also how much did it cost you to get the shirts made?? and if nebody know or does paintbrushing on shirts let me know

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Charles Hamiltion-November 10th instrumental??? anybody got it

I doubt this board would have it but I've been trying to look all over for this instrumental..holla at me if anybody got it

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*NEW TEXAS ARTIST*Baby-Slim new mixtape and single

dude kinda knocking..coming outta Texas..his mixtape labeled Baby Heffner mixtape vol.1 his name is Baby-Slim..here's the single Baby Slim ft. K-Riggs-Put it in the Air [URL]

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Man where can I find some 10deep new stuff?

The King Tut fitted..and the crewneck man where can I get this at? I been off alittle bit because I had to handle some issues and all that bullshit plus my computer crashed..so I haven't been able to get the latest shit like I use to..and I know on DG they run out very quick..does nebody know where else you can get the new 10deep items at?

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Anybody know where you can still cop Iceberg History besides EBAY??

hmmm??? Does anybody know any web-sites where I still purchase some iceberg history..I'm pretty sure this will get buried undernearth all the threads.. however I don't know where else to look...I never really stopped wearing Iceberg history..but I stopped buying them for awhile..and now I want to cop back on some more..but not any sweaters..too hot for that and not a sweater person..just t-shirts..i'm pretty sure nobody will know..but it is a shot..mmm thx

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The Polar Bear w/ tha sneaks logo

I'm not sure if somebody on here made that logo or what..can't remember if that's the hypebeast clothing line but I was watching BET and Keisha Cole got this new show coming on and I saw some cat in a car with her rocking a shirt with that logo on it..has anybody else seen this?? I highly doubt it not to many ppl watch BET on here..I rarley watch it but happen to catch it yesterday

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Fashion Geek??

I seen some cat post up his gear and he had these shirts I never heard of call Fashion geek..has nebody ever heard of this name brand and if you know where they sell em can u post up a web-site or info on these shirts.. [Image]

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Is there anyway I can get those skyline new era fitteds?

Not in NYC...so it's no way I could get these fitted unless somebody knew a web-site that sold them or some other way on how I can get my hands on these fitteds? I'm guessing since the flagship store is quite new these hats won't even be on web-sites like hatland or lids.com untill a couple of months...maybe 3 or 4 months or probably any other store will never get it..

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Adidas adicolor New York City edition jacket?

I saw Adidas adicolor NYC borough jackets..you know they had Staten Island/Queens/Bronx..tha 5 boroughs n wha not..I was wondering does anybody know a web-site that sells these..they don't carry em down here.. I just need to know if any site has these in xxl...didn't see em on Adidias official web-site.. uppin or atleast could you move it to tha Adidas section

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I'm Going to NEW YORK in August need info?

Alright for some reason I just decided that me and my girl and her friend and her man and my homie n his girl should go to NYC...My cousin works at a airport in tha A so she hooks tha fam up w/ free tickets n wha not or low low prices..anyway I only been to NY one time..and that was a longgg time ago.. didn't really see or do much..and really that was Long Island..went to Queens but that was to see fam..and I was a little too young to do anything Now that i'm 21 mind you..this will be tha first time I go outside my state on my own with my friends n girlfriends that is.. For my new york heads..or ppl who go to new york often..I need to know tha spots to go to...clothing spots of course for males and females..places like Supreme/BWS/Dr.Jays in Harlem..other spots.. like almost everbody out of state we goin to Manhattan of course..being that we not gone have a load of cash..a thousand at the most..we just keepin it on the island.. places to eat..not no fancy places but just some good food..also should we catch a cab while were there anytime soon..heard tha stories about the cab situation but i'm just trying to see th best ways to get around Manhattan also places to hang out at night..let me know

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Question about ordering from BBC/ICE CREAM web-site?

I was wondering if anybody had any problems with ordering from this web-site..I haven't got the shirt yet but I was wondering because I swear I remember awhile back that some people were saying that it took awhile for them to get there shirts ordering from the official web-site...hit me back if you ever ordered from there or know somebody who ordered from there and how long it took to recieve there items.

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Cpalmer shirts

Sup,this is a dude from New York by the name of CharltonPalmer CPalmer is what he calls himself..a true artist..dude does some great work on his shirts..does it with paintbrush..He's doing a shirt for me so I'll try posting it up when he finishes it..but i'm just showing dude some luv cuz he's up and coming..and dude real humble and does customs and everything..I say if you want something that only you will be rocking ask him to make you a shirt.. Here's some of his work [Image] here's his web-site [URL]

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Question for fashion designers/indy makers n etc.?

Alright i'm a brotha with ideas...now i'm not a talented artist or clothes designer..not trying to be anytime soon...I'm just a college student and also a rapper trying to further my career..most of my time goes to work/school/ music so for those with a e-smart mouth no I can't make it myself..being that I have so many ideas for hoodies/shirts/jackets the only way I can get some of my ideas on a t-shirt is by airbrush or paint drawing and that's just basically telling ppl to do this or do that.. Around my way if I want something customized they can't do it..there not up to par with this type of fashion that is popular in areas like NYC/LA/SoCal/ Japan and other places..what i'm saying is do any of you guys ever do request for shirts/hoodies/jackets..If not then being in the clothing industry do you know any indy companies that do this? I'm trying to do something that nobody has, being that i'm starting to get more deep with my music career.. I know alot of A+ artist got connects like that..me nahhhh but i'm just curious to know

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