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[FS] 50 Shipped Sale! Lots 10.5-11! Step In.

opiums hey mate, those opiums sz 11? im interested in them, drop me an email at saxwell19 @ gmail.com

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

Stylish cheap shoes.

vans are definately a nice, minimal, cheap & versatile pickup

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

Official Philippines Shopping Guide w/ pics!

hey guys, im from perth, australia and i'm about to head over to makati, manila in a few weeks. is everything pretty up-to scratch in the first post of the thread? or does it need updating? is there anything stores in manila like flight club? also, is there a drum & bass/dubstep in manila? i'm well keen to get a bass fix over there cheers fellas

2 Weeks ago in Philippines