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LEGIT Sneaker stores in HK?

Hi! I'll be heading to Hong Kong for a short vacation in two weeks, and came across the "Sneaker Street"(mongkong) while researching. I have a few questions for you guys, if you could answer them. 1)What brands do they sell? Are they your regular Nike/Puma/Adi stores or do they have brands like Supra or Creative Recreation too? 2)I understand that some stores there don't sell legit stuff. Which stores sell all %100 authentic sneakers? 3)This question isn't really sneaker related but, where can I find good tees, hoodies and jeans while I'm there? EDIT: I'm looking to pick up a pair of AF1s, some SBs, maybe something from adidas. Nothing in particular, though. Thank you!blushing

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks