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The 00's: looking back

Every decade has an image that represents that zeitgeist, whether it involves music, fashion, politics, technology, sports, whatever. Now that we're less than two months from the end of this decade, it's time to reflect about how great or shitty it's been since the 90's. To me, this decade is the one of: bush/neo-conservative politics comic book movies steroids in baseball apple middle east and afghanistan reality tv raw denimz environmentalism electronic and techno influence on popular music obama/black president concept Generally shitty, but with some good elements thrown in (downloadable technology for one, Laker championships as well). How will you reminisce over this decade?

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LA heat

100 god damn degrees today, can't really do anything but stay indoors because it's hot and humid. This is also the only time where I'm jealous of people from the Bay Area; I look at the temps in San Francisco and it's a cool 70 degrees. Discuss your local climates or some some shit in here.

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Jon Stewart just owned Jim Cramer

If anyone watches the Daily Show, or perhaps glances at the Calendar section of their newspaper, one would be aware that Stewart and Cramer have had a verbal war with each other all week. Tonight, Cramer decided to guest on The Daily Show to have an opportunity to excuse his flawed financial advice, only to get his ass handed to him. Jon Stewart gets mad respect for not being afraid to call Cramer out and back it up properly with quotes and video evidence. This shit was beautiful. I think thedailyshow.com is gonna have the entire interview on by tomorrow, but did anyone else just see this humiliation process on TV? EDIT: yeah its now up on the website and at crooksandliars.com

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Flying Lotus

So I never really check this guy out until my cousin popped a mix of his into a stereo a couple weekends ago, and after getting at his last album I gotta say this guy can do no wrong. Similar layered style to what Dilla and Madlib did, but has his own twist on it, definitely sounds more "digital", I guess you could interpret that however you want. Dude even remixed A Milli into an enjoyable tune [URL] Anyone else dig this producer?

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