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Megan Fox Replaced by...

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Transformers 3. [URL] [Quote] [Image] What do you think?

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Adobe Photoshop CS5

Sneak peek of Photoshop CS5: [URL] Thoughts? The new Content Awareness feature seems pretty amazing to me. It's so simple and easy to use.

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Buying artwork

I'm interested in buy some pieces of art to hang on the wall. Not exactly photography, per se, but more like Kaws or Futura 2000. I don't know much about it in the first place, so I'd love to discover some new artists and get into the field. Are there any websites that sell artwork like that? I Googled some, but didn't come up with any good results.

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Feedback: Acquisition X

Thanks for your business and feedback. blushing

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Halo Movie?

[URL] I don't know about it. Looks like a low-budget film, and movies based off of video games don't have a history for turning out so well. Wow, embedding doesn't work, so you'd have to go on the Youtube website; just click on the video.

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[FS] APC New Cure (size 28)

I'm getting rid of my APC New Cure (size 2smokeyface. They have approximately 10-15 hours of wear. Waist and other areas have some stretching. More pictures upon request. No soaks, no washes, no fades. I'm looking for $115 [B]including [/B] shipping and PayPal fees. I will only take PayPal as a means of payment. [Image]

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