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[Exchange] Discussion Thread

Whaddup all, I would officially like to announce the unveiling of 'Exchange' As the in house brand for Shop and Swap, this is a huge step into bigger and better things. Made from 100% organic cotton, the 'OG Tee' will be available in both Black and White Sizes S-XXL from 1PM AEST on Saturday the 24th of May exclusivly at The Exchange hosted at Jagera Arts Centre, Musgrave Park - South Bank (Brisbane) with remaining tees going on sale on Monday the 26th. Charlotte got her hot little hands on one of them and sent us through a pretty exciting little shoot she did. Big shout out to her for these images. [Image] Photos and modeling by [URL]

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Sandz's Sale Thread - Footwear/apparel/accesories

In this thread I will update my current sales listings, I will update this thread regularly to avoid multiple threads. These prices are negoatable and I am open to trades in anything interesting in Size Large/33-34/10.5-11 or accessories. The best way to contact me is via the PM system or email Lyam_c94@msn.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Payment is to be made via Paypal + 4% All Items located in Australia - Shipped as payment upon collection I ship as pay on collection for a couple reasons - It allows the buyer to know exactly how much they are paying for the postage. There is no estimating or over charging. It also means that packages will be signed for and tracked and as they will be help at your local post office they are NOT left on doorsteps. Reading is essential. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Image] Item 2013 Jordan 5 Retro "Laney" Size 11 Condition DS - Unworn or tried on. Complete with box, tissue paper, etc. Price 219 ea

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Need proxy to Australia

I need a proxy on the bleached buffalo flannel in a large, 3 pack of Hanes tees in white and a flags deck to Australia if anybody could please helpe out it would be greatly appreciated. Private message me, thanks.

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WTB Supreme Back Packs

Needs laptop pouch. contact me with offers

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Masterpeice Backpacks

Anyone ever used them? I'm looking into getting a good value backpack, one thats of quality build and materials and will last me years, I was thinking of spending $100 on a herschell or Supreme bag but then I thought about masterpeice, and how the quality for 200 looks alot better then my last herschell that fell apart after 3 months. They are pretty hard to find english reviews on so if a nyone has any feedback or cool pics that would be great. The bag in question for $200 AUD [Image] http://www.endclothing.com/brands/master-piece http://www.master-piece.co.jp/productscat/all

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Sling/Shoulder Bags

I've got [Image] And the black one, I woudln't mind having a look at some other brands, I kind of like some of the drifter ones, want something a bit bigger then my Herschell Eighteen, thinking about a Roo bag. Visvim bags are cool but $700 on a bum bag, noty.

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[WTB] Asics Gell Lye III x Woei Size 11

As the title describes I'm looking for a pair in an 11, will take a 10.5 but would prefer the 11, contact me and we can discuss something. Must be DS or 9/10

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Shop and Swap | Sneaker and Streetwear trade group.

So yesterday, the group I run turned 1 and to celebrate we have registered the company as an official Australian Business, printed off 1000 stickers and given it a facelift with help from local street artist Tobias. About Shop and Swap Shop and swap is a sneaker and street wear trade collective, founded by Lyam in May of 2012 with the goal of creating not only an urban clothing market but a community of people who share a passion for culture. This means we encourage music and art as well and welcome people to promote their works. When posting something for sale it is a good idea to keep it to a certain structure including; Brand, item name and season, size, weather it is for sale or trade and what you are looking get out of the sale be it the pair of sneakers you'™ve been looking for or a price. Feel free to invite people who you think would be interested in the group as we are trying to get as big as we can and have people doing business from all around Australia and even the world! Along the way Lyam has picked up help from his promoter Tim and second in charge Nathi and we hope to take this very far! So consider this a big welcome from Lyam, Nathi and Tim! Instagram: @ShopandSwap Shop and Swap etiquette We'™re all here to gain something. Whether you'™re buying or selling something, you need someone else in this group to help you out. These aren'™t necessarily rules, more like guidelines on how we would like to run things in here. So, if you don'™t agree with what another member is posting simply don't comment. However, our only rule is that we deal in authentic street wear. If you know for a fact that another member has posted an item that breaches this policy you're welcome to comment; this is not to be thrown around or used lightly. If a user makes these accusations continuously and is proven wrong they can be removed from the group. So check it out! http://www.facebook.com/groups/shopandswapltd [Image]

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Experiances with getting Denim taken in?

Just took a pair of BBC's in to a little Russian lady's little home-store today, they're a size too big and it gets annoying, she said she will be taking about 1.5 cm in some area off all the way to 2cm, looking foward to seeing how these turn out, never had anything tailored so excited/nervous to see how they turn out. charged me $45 for waist and legs

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[WTB] Supreme/Bathing ape Fitted/Snapback

fitteds must be 7 1/4-1/2 paypal ready, inbox me and we will discuss price

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[WTB] Supreme/Bathing Ape Fitteds/Snapback

Fitteds size 7 1/4-1/2 paypal ready, shipping to AUS PM/link/post here

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WTB Supreme Arabic Snap Black

Hit me up, looking for one in DS/VVNDS PAYPAL READY!

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Nike Blazer Year of the Snake

[Image]\ solecollector.com/news/nike-blazer-mid-snake-pack/ Blue are smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface

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Price Check: Bape x UNDFTD x Starter

asking $120 + $19 shipping (seller pic) [Image]

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Asics Discussion

All talk Asics. Personal favourite being the Gel Lyte III x Woei colab from 2012. [Image]

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