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E-40 -vs - Biggie E40 tried to have him killed??

whos biggie

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Addictive Anime

[Quote] c/s on codea geass and school days....amazing as far as the anime, tenjou tenge was horrible imo, your better off sticking w the manga (which is excellent)

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What is...

yw [Quote]

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Post Hypebeast Picture at There Prime. VOL SAC BEEFIN

[Quote] i lol'd

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What has Hypebeast taught you?

[Quote] how did you assume that at all with the "fuck me in my ass/let me suck your dick" posts around here?

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Encouraged by Chat Room Users Teenager Commits Suicide Live Online

he was on the bodybuilding.com forums....the thread might still be there...it was up a day or two ago i thought he was joking too....n word...most of the replies over the 20+ pages were cynical asshole remarks...cant really blame em though edit: just read sellmestuff's post...guess its not there anymore..

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Clipse-Road To Till The Casket Drops Intro

pusha > malice ...just by a little

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hes trying to be unique guys, leave him alone.

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First Post

[Image] wat

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