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Who really is Tobi Pt. Deux vol. SOSP

this will be continuing off the old who really is tobi??? thread. idk which soulless mod deleted that thread, but i been wanting to discuss with you guys whats been happening in the past few chapters of the manga. SOSP Naruto & Rinnegan Sasuke vs. Madara (whos bout to eat the fruit of the juubi tree and unlock kaguyas powers) also honorable mentions, -gai going 8 gates and kicking the shit out of madaras ribs [Image] -sosp revealed -ashura & indra backstory kishi been stepping it up

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[FS] Ronin Baseball Jersey & Supreme Anti-Establishment Tee // Size Large DS

PM me if you're interested. No trades. [b]Deadstock Size Large Ronin Baseball Jersey[/b] $90 shipped + 4% paypal fees [Image]

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For Sale: Kicks/ HI x Converse TIGER CAMO CT

I have for sale Kicks/ HI x Converse Tiger Camo 2 Chuck Taylors | US size 9 Worn but in VERY GOOD condition. No tears, odor, etc. Looking to get $110 + 4% paypal fees shipped. Comes with original box, dustbag, and 3 sets of extra laces. PM me for any questions or inquiries. Buy with confidence. Thanks for looking. [Image]

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Dying Light (next gen)

anyone catch this? looking very good. mirror's edge x dead island. fuck i really want to play this, especially if itll have a good coop/ multiplayer and character development system. peep da gameplay trailer smokeyface Reveal trailer [Embed content]

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Copy and paste this list and just put a [Image] 1: eFlow Mr Oizo 2: Reistlust DaPark 3: HBPhilly Millz 4: Kayu Sandz 5: redrum DO$E 6: The-Arm Njoyhead 7: emerpus *ER!C 8: johnbos Fibrelight 9: Kimo Sensei origins 10: ilikemilk straight2hell 11: Drewbacca Ravenator 12: ryuuu YoungHawaiiSlim 13: mayimbe181 lurrpy 14: Powercum nicksh 15: guyitsmathew goomoonryong 16: DB Cooper Shogunate 17: swerve stevsey 18: Gil Soulrize 19: tracy jackson wehatelondon 20: captain al blvckbieber

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HB Fit Battle Tournament vol. Rules & Bracket - RESULTS

[b]UPDATE: FINAL ROUND RESULTS FIRST PLACE AKA THE FIRST OFFICIAL HIGHLY ANTICIPATED HB SUMMER HEAT FIT BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER IS [u]THE-ARM[/u] WITH 61 VOTES 2. Millz (28 votes) 3.  Mr Oizo (5 votes)  4. Guyitsmathew (3 votes) 5. YoungHawaiiSlim (1 votes) Congrats to everyone who made it to the finals and thanks to everyone that took part in this I guess I'll see most of yall in the winter contest [Image] layering is obviously allowed since we have a lot of members in different climate zones, they will have the disadvantage when we hold a  winter contest...  Not coming through with a fit will result in a disqualification and a win for your opponent. When you pm me (millz) your fit only 1 picture is allowed _____________________________________ TOURNAMENT BRACKET # Fit Battle/contestants 1: eFlow vs Mr Oizo --> mr Oizo 2: Reistlust vs DaPark --> Reistlust                           --> Reistlust 3: HBPhilly vs Millz --> Millz                                     --> Millz 4: Kayu vs Sandz --> Sandz 5: redrum vs DO$E --> redrum             6: The-Arm vs Njoyhead --> The-Arm                         --> the-arm 7: emerpus vs *ER!C --> *ER!C                                 --> *ER!C (by 1 vote) 8: johnbos vs Fibrelight --> johnbos 9: Kimo Sensei vs origins --> Kimo Sensei                --> Kimo Sensei 10: ilikemilk vs straight2hell --> straight2hell 11: Drewbacca vs Ravenator --> Drewbacca 12: ryuuu vs YoungHawaiiSlim --> YoungHawaiiSlim --> YoungHawaiiSlim 13: mayimbe181 vs lurrpy --> lurrpy 14: Powercum vs nicksh --> nicksh                           --> nicksh 15: guyitsmathew vs goomoonryong --> guyitsmathew --> guyitsmathew 16: DB Cooper vs Shogunate --> Shogunate (DQ) 19: tracy jackson vs wehatelondon --> wehatelondon 20: captain al vs blvckbieber --> blvckbieber (DQ) 17: swerve vs stevsey --> stevsey 18: Gil vs Soulrize --> Gil                                            --> gil _________________ Round 3: 1. Reistlust vs Millz 2. The-Arm vs *ER!C 3. Kimo Sensei vs YoungHawaiiSlim 4. Nicksh vs guyitsmathew 5. Gil vs TBD

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as the title says. SIZE LARGE please lmk if you want to let go of yours. paypal ready. thanks!

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Project Versus J Discussion Thread

"Project Versus J is a team battle action [URL], One Piece, Naruto, and Toriko." [Image] Thoughts?? I just wanna relive my days of Jump Ultimate Stars on The Nintendo DS But I really might have to pick up a PS3 for this

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Need help building a playlist

not too knowledgeable of this genre but i like it. can you guys help me out and post similar artists or songs similar to this one? [Embed content]

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