Who really is Tobi Pt. Deux vol. SOSP

this will be continuing off the old who really is tobi??? thread. idk which soulless mod deleted that thread, but i been wanting to discuss with you guys whats been happening in the past few chapters of the manga. SOSP Naruto & Rinnegan Sasuke vs. Madara (whos bout to eat the fruit of the juubi tree and unlock kaguyas powers) also honorable mentions, -gai going 8 gates and kicking the shit out of madaras ribs [Image] -sosp revealed -ashura & indra backstory kishi been stepping it up

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[FS] Ronin Baseball Jersey & Supreme Anti-Establishment Tee // Size Large DS

PM me if you're interested. No trades. [b]Deadstock Size Large Ronin Baseball Jersey[/b] $90 shipped + 4% paypal fees [Image]

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For Sale: Kicks/ HI x Converse TIGER CAMO CT

I have for sale Kicks/ HI x Converse Tiger Camo 2 Chuck Taylors | US size 9 Worn but in VERY GOOD condition. No tears, odor, etc. Looking to get $110 + 4% paypal fees shipped. Comes with original box, dustbag, and 3 sets of extra laces. PM me for any questions or inquiries. Buy with confidence. Thanks for looking. [Image]

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Dying Light (next gen)

anyone catch this? looking very good. mirror's edge x dead island. fuck i really want to play this, especially if itll have a good coop/ multiplayer and character development system. peep da gameplay trailer smokeyface Reveal trailer [Embed content]

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Copy and paste this list and just put a [Image] 1: eFlow Mr Oizo 2: Reistlust DaPark 3: HBPhilly Millz 4: Kayu Sandz 5: redrum DO$E 6: The-Arm Njoyhead 7: emerpus *ER!C 8: johnbos Fibrelight 9: Kimo Sensei origins 10: ilikemilk straight2hell 11: Drewbacca Ravenator 12: ryuuu YoungHawaiiSlim 13: mayimbe181 lurrpy 14: Powercum nicksh 15: guyitsmathew goomoonryong 16: DB Cooper Shogunate 17: swerve stevsey 18: Gil Soulrize 19: tracy jackson wehatelondon 20: captain al blvckbieber

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HB Fit Battle Tournament vol. Rules & Bracket - RESULTS

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as the title says. SIZE LARGE please lmk if you want to let go of yours. paypal ready. thanks!

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Project Versus J Discussion Thread

"Project Versus J is a team battle action [URL], One Piece, Naruto, and Toriko." [Image] Thoughts?? I just wanna relive my days of Jump Ultimate Stars on The Nintendo DS But I really might have to pick up a PS3 for this

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Need help building a playlist

not too knowledgeable of this genre but i like it. can you guys help me out and post similar artists or songs similar to this one? [Embed content]

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