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[Image] Philly Fashion Week - Feb. 25th @ Zee Bar

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hitting up south beach next month - may 16-19th... from nyc... any dope lounges worth checking out... looking for somewhere w/ dope beats... underground/old skool hip hop, lounge, chill, trip hop... nothing to crowded or commercial... any suggestions???

2 Weeks ago in United States

Official Fixed Gear Thread

been riding track bikes for quite some time now... started off riding BMX (racing) for the ABA and NBL back in the late 80's in NJ/PA/NY - all the way out to Oklahoma... reside in Jersey City, can be seen on the streets of JC and NYC... pic of my Nagasawa... more on [URL]... [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Sports

In search of... Hugo Boss jacket...

I've been searching for a specific Hugo Boss jacket I saw in Macy's awhile back; however it's no longer at the store or on their site... does anyone know the model of the jacket and where I can possibly find it? Let me know, I'm in NYC... [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

SneakeHeadQuarters Brooklyn NY *** Pics Of Store ***

good luck w/ the store... just not a big fan of the throw up on the gates...

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Pictures of the 80's style

word... [Image]

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I remember back in the day....

word... i agree... ever since the late 90's shit went down hill, especially after the shiny suit rappers took over and brainwashed heads everywhere (definitely not me though)... i remember rocking labels such as... tribal, phat farm - when they had the 456 line out, and first opened on prince street... conart... when graff mags such as... can control... while you were sleeping... 12 oz prophet... mass appeal... etc... those were the days... a lot of the shit nowadays is garbage... gotta start my own line...

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thehundreds... pentax 10megapixel dig cam...

thehundreds had a quick post/write up awhile back about some new pentax camera they were using... it was a 10megapixel black dig cam... does anyone know what model it was? there was a link off their site, and it was for a little over 200... didn't get a chance to bookmark it...

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

laces - NYC

[Quote] if your in NY, classic kicks had a decent selection... i didnt get a chance to go to DQM, but i hear they have a good selection also... i'll be stoppin by there later this week...

2 Weeks ago in Brands

laces - NYC

to the sneaker heads on the forum, was curious to know which shops in the city - if any, sell a good variety of sneaker laces... i.e. colors, designs...

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