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I've been mixing and mastering tracks for a little bit, and I really wanna grind and network with other artists, so I'd love to offer my mixing services to anyone who wants it for the low. I'll work with any budget I'm talking $20-$30 for a fully mixed track. Heres tracks I've down so you can hear my quality and what I strive for: [Embed content] Hit me up on here, or on twitter and snapchat: @Gunboi

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https://soundcloud.com/gunboi DONT SLEEP

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Hey guys. I manage an Instagram model. https://www.instagram.com/olyvette/ [Image] This AMA is kinda for people who want to understand instagram marketing and to build connections with brands who want to connect blushing

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Thank You For Getting Rid Of THe SB

Thank you so much! It was about time they got rid of that shit hole. I hope it never comes back.

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Waffles Remixes!

Here's my first remix guys.  [URL] [Image] Check it out. Please leave comments, download, and share with your friends. LOVE

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Here's my newest release, THE TRIBE EP It's 9 Instrumental tracks, all beats, to celebrate the release of my Tee Shirt collab with the California brand Zii Tribe [Image] http://soundcloud.com/wafflesluvsyrup/sets/the-tribe-ep Full Album download here: http://linkmixes.com/zdke5siao5te THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT HYPEBEAST!

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Hypebeast!!!! Men Only!!! Important!!!

This is a Men's Fashion Forum, and I'm tired of seeing women here. Every single day its another dumb broad trying to get some attention getting a bunch of idiot simp ass faggots to like her and then not even putting up nudes and everyone just ends up embarassed or played. You all think that maybe you can get some nudes out of these internet whores but lets be real: THEY AIN'T WORTH SHIT. I'm tired of women on this site and I think we should just go ahead and Ban them all, and then bar women from this site so we can have a men's only hypebeast finally. With a men's only hypebeast we can talk about shit that actually matters to us men and we can form brotherhood and camaraderie and just have a better community all around Let's be real, the only taint that hypebeast has that causes it to be such a shitty ass community is women. They're always vying for attention and just making everything about them and I'm fucking tired of it. If this site doesnt take action to ban every girl on this site, I Will. And thats a promise, and a threat. Because I will do everything it takes to make sure not one woman ever returns to this site and I'm deadass serious. You're call, Hypebeast. You're either with me, or with them.

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Waffles Beats Get Em While They Hot

Hey guys I'm sellin production to artists who need it. Shit ranges from 50-100. I will also Mix and Master your music for $30 a track. HIT ME UP @TeeWaffles teewafflesmusic@gmail.com SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY facebook.com/teewaffles ALSO, for examples of my soundz http://wafflesluvsyrup.bandcamp.com/album/prod-by-waffles http://soundcloud.com/wafflesluvsyrup http://soundcloud.com/syrupsquad THANK YOU ALL FOR UR CONSTANT SUPPORT -TeeWaffles EDIT: BEAT SNIPPETS http://linkmixes.com/55006r9pzqgu http://linkmixes.com/55006r9pzqgu

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[Image] MY MIXTAPE SUURRP(c) (which is really an album since i produced the whole thing) JUST DROPPED TODAY ON HYPETRAK PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SUPPORT!! http://hypetrak.com/2012/06/tee-waffles-suurrpc-mixtape/ http://linkmixes.com/mqi9k9ss6sce STREAM IT HERE: http://soundcloud.com/syrupsquad/sets/suurrp-c/

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Clothing Straight From Factory

Yo Keep this site on the Low Low, they sell luxury clothing and shit super super cheap because they cut out all the retail middlemen and it comes straight from the factories. https://www.everlane.com/i/madbc2 Thank Me Later

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I Met My Spirit Animal Today

So I recently quit drugs but all my friends are huge potheads and shit so I'm always around clouds of weed so I isolated myself for a bit and just kinda meditated and then I entered the Astral Plane! So I'm in the astral plane and I'm just floating around looking for the answers to my questions and then I find this Oasis and theres this huge ass Giraffe with a Lions head and I FREAK OUT. So i'm about to wake the fuck up but he's like "WAIT" and then he told me "It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows." And then there was this HUUGE dragging feeling and he said "We will talk soon" and then I left the astral plane and opened my eyes. I wanna see him again but I'm out of psi energy but damn. Has anyone else entered the astral plane and met their spirit animal?

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Girl Asked Me Out Today

I said no but I feel really fucking bad. Like i care about her and shit but I'm just not ready for a relationship and tbh we've been through a whole bunch of shit and im just past that point with her. I dunno this is the longest thing i've had with a girl I'm just wondering if these feelings are normal or whatever. I'm not expecting any real response but it just felt good to get this off my chest cuz nobody listens to me

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[Embed content] [Image] DOWNLOAD HERE: http://wafflesluvsyrup.bandcamp.com/track/keef-blunt REBLOG AND RT AND SHARE WITH UR PEOPLE http://wafflesluvsyrup.tumblr.com/post/15764366273/keef-blunts-prod-by-me-tee-waffles-click I dropped this as a thank you for getting 600+ views on the TONY SOPRANO video. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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Now This Is The Banger [Embed content] http://wafflesluvsyrup.tumblr.com/post/15535083761/click-picture-to-download-dis-shit-hot-like-lava http://wafflesluvsyrup.bandcamp.com/track/tony-soprano

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I Challenge Brendan To A Fit Battle

To me Brendan is a fucking loser so I wanna kill his champion status real quick with a fit battle. If he declines he's just a fuckin pussy but that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone [Image]

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