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Check out my music ( DnB, Dubstep-ish)

Okay so I haven't really found a topic to post this so I'll just start a new one, if I'm breaking any rules please delete this. I'm new to making audios and stuff ( like 4-5 days o.O ) so it's not really full lenght songs and the quality is not too well either, but I wanted you guys to listen to it and tell me what you think and maybe give me some advice to make it sound better? I know that almost everybody on Hypebeast litens to rap and r&b but I'll try anyways :p 1. First tune I ever made, is pretty simple: [URL] As you can see (or hear), all of the songs have a lenght of around 1:30. Tell me what you think and feel free to comment here or on youtube! PS: Hypebeast.com is the best!

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion