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1984 - Jordan Ones RollerCoaster - by Toblerusse

Hey what's happening y'all? I've been a big fan of Jordans since my childhood and even though I've only owned a pair twice in my life (both times the same shoe, The Jordan IXs, hahha, loved them) I have always been a big fan. Recently it struck me that it would be fun to paint a canvas with Jordans as the theme and add my own style to the piece. Had to pay respect to the brand so I started where it all began and used the Ones. such a gnarly boot. So dope. Here is what it came out as. Hope you dig it.  Not sure if I am allowed to post a link to my page where I sell custom prints and smart-phone covers but if the mods say it's cool I'll gladly add the link. Otherwise PM me if you're interested in knowing more. Word... [Embed content][Image]

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air force 1 making a come back

I am totally brand new to this forum so please excuse me Mods if i am busting any rules up. Since I am new I cant create a new thread but since I'm talking about Jordans I felt this thread would suffice. Here is a painting/video I made of the original Jordans enveloped by a rollercoaster. [Embed content] Was very fun painting my favourite shoe ever. [Image]

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