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Lil B x Supreme

Well damn almost had me...

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PS3: PSN Name Thread

Mrmoney89 Who's got The Last Of Us???

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Apps you're addicted to

tumblr IG twitter snapchat vine dropbox simple duolingo passbook pages RUA2 comixology

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Official iPhone Discussion Thread

[Quote]Don't expect much...a 5S is more then likely whats dropping. It might look something like this [Image]

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New iOS7

iOS 7 runs best on the 5 and it's pretty good on the 4S, you'll see more of the actual animations and layering of the apps. On the 4 though it's really shitty, lags a bunch and the apps crash beta 3 is legit though...iTunes radio should work now

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[FS][FT] MACBOOK PRO 13' MID 2011-12

Whats good everybody !!! I have a slightly used Macbook pro(Mid 2011-12) I'm looking for about $850 or best offer. It comes completely wiped with a fresh install of OSX 10.8.4 Mountain Lion. No cosmetic damage at you'll see that in the pics. the only real damage is a slight dig by the MagSafe charger port but everything works perfectly. The optical drive is in perfect working order as well. If you need more pictures or your interested in offering send me a message. I'll also accept trades for sneakers and gear + $$$. NO FOAMS please. Jordans, Lebrons, KD's, Nikes, New balance, dunks,etc...offer me good stuff and I'll even cover shipping haha If you need more pics send me a message, or email me for quicker results. Send pictures if your offering sneakers and stuff. [Image]

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Interior Design for Men

Feeling the blog, been looking for a guide or something that can help me out

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can high fashion and urban fashion be mixed?

Of course you can, if you can make it work with your style why not try it. Like adoboFosho said magazines like GQ, are mixing and matching high-end fashion with street-wear

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Messing around in illustrator.

This is pretty iLL

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Xbox 360: Gamertag Thread

DamierE 2k12, Madden 12, GOW 3, MW3

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Twitter thread

@Damier_E Wouldn't mind meeting some cool ass people

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Hottest girls

Glad I decided on LA for school then..

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