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Supreme Dead Presidents, A/W 09 sweater, and Huf fitted. L & 7 1/4

For sale only is a large supreme dead presidents tee, supreme a/w 09 sweater and a 7 1/4 huf fitted. Paypal only, prices include shipping. Must add the 4% yourself or send payment as gift. $40. Pictures dont do this justice but i assure you its perfect or your money back. Worn once by previous owner, once by me. Never washed, no rips, stains, tears, stretching, etc. It has a few creases from it being folded but cant obviously be ironed or washed out. [Image]

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Fire Red 3's size 11

For sale only is a pair of jordan fire red 3s size 11. Theyre in very good condition, vnds, however theres a decent amount of cracking. Cant tell when theyre on your feet however. Comes with og box and white laces only. Need cash bad so i have to let them go. $90 shipped paypal gift [Image]

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Feedback: rts

leave it hurr

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Nike Sb Koston 1 sz 10.5

For sale is a pair of koston 1 sbs. Vnds condition worn a few times. Og box and og black laces only. $65 shipped paypal gift or 4% [Image]

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Supreme, Diamond, Ralph Lauren, Huf, Diesel. M & L

For sale only. I can get more pictures anytime, any questions just ask. Paypal only(gift or you add 4%). Im negotiable so don't be afraid to offer. -White preme was worn about 4 times, washed twice and hung dry. Very slight fading. No holes, stains, rips, etc. 8/10 $25. Large -Dead Presidents was worn twice, never washed, no fading, stretching, wear, holes etc. 10/10 $30 Large -Hardware heavyweights has been worn a few times, washed once and hung dry. No fading, stretching, wear, holes etc. 9/10 Medium $25 [Image] [URL]

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Nike Sb Koston 1 Sz. 10.5

For sale is a pair of vnds koston sbs. Vnds, in really good condition. My camera sucks so if youd like more pictures just ask. Original box and black laces only. Little bit of dirt near heals on the sole is the only flaw but if you make the effort to clean them theyll be perfect. Worn 3 times. Paypal only. Any questions ask. [Image] Hi res pics in my set on flickr. [URL]

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Nike Sb Mission Blazers 10.5

For sale or trade is a pair of Nike Sb mission blazers.VNDS, worn a few times by me, few times by original owner. No original box, but nike box will be provided. Black laces only for now, if i find the second pair ill include them. 2 small spots on each swoosh(pictured), besides that absolutely no flaws. Consider trades in L tops, 33-34 bottoms, 10.5-11 shoes. Paypal only. Any questions or need more pictures, just ask. $85 shipped in the us, ill ship outside usa, however youre paying the extra shipping costs. [Image]

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Supreme, Diamond, Huf, Adidas, Polo

For sale or trade are 2 large supreme tees, both in perfect condition. Dead presidents tee worn once, never washed. Gangster tee is DS. All other shirts and polos are medium, in vnds condition. Worn a few times, washed no more than 5 times. If youd like detailed pictures just ask. Also have a huf hat size 7 1/4. If youre buying something, paypal only. Ill consider trades in large tops, 10.5 or 11 shoes, 33-34 bottoms. supremes tees(shipped): $30 each Medium tees(shipped): $15 for 1. 2 for $25, 3 for $30, all 4 for $35. Polos(shipped): $10 each. I have 2 of the navy with red raulp lauren polos. all 5 for $40 Huf Fitted(shipped): $15 [Image]

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Medium Blowout sale. $15 each

Unfortunately, medium is too small for me now. Everything is in great condition, washed 3 times or less, worn no more than 10 times. Some tees are worn once never washed. Ask me for each tees condition. None of the tees are beat. I'll cut deals the more you buy. Paypal only. Tag: [Image] Worn a few times, never washed. More pics here: [URL]

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VNDS Neptunes size 10

Need quick cash. These have been worn a few times and are in perfect condition minus a tiny bit of creasing that you can only see if you look close. Can pass as DS on feet. Comes with OG box and both og sets of laces. Any questions? Pm me. $85 shipped. [Image]

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UNDFTD, Jordan, Diamond, Huf S-M, 7 1/4

I can get more pictures and details for anything. Pm me. Paypal gift or add the 4%. If you buy more, the cheaper it is. Shippings included in my prices. You can entertain me with trades but in Large, mediums are too small for me now. Don't be afraid to offer. My tag: [Image]

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Hats, Shirts, Chinos. Size 32 and size M, Huf & more

Paypal only. Ill cut deals if you buy more than one item. I need quick cash. Dont be afraid to offer. Left to right, top to bottom: 10 deep tee, Medium, worn less than 3 times never washed. $20 shipped Diamond tee, medium, same condition and price as above. DVSxDiamond collabo, medium, worn twice, never washed.$20 Premium label crew neck, size medium, worn a bunch of times, a little faded from a wash. $20 shipped Blue In green chinos, size 32, only tried on by me and i dont like the fit. Worn once by previous owner. Perfect condition. $100 shipped($60 loss for me) [Image] Thread for chinos here: [URL] I put them in the picture to show i still have them today.

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Jordan Collezione 12's and Mission Blazer SB's 10.5,11, VNDS Neptunes size 10

For sale only are mission blazers and neptune dunks. Both have been worn less than a dozen times. both are in beautiful condition. Judge by pics. The blazers have 2 small black spots on each swoosh that i never tried to clean. They could probably come off. Blazers dont have og box but a box will be provided. Any questions PM me. I need some money quick so dont be afraid to offer. Paypal only. $97 shipped paypal [Image]

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Diamond,Crooks,Supreme,Premium Label,Jordan,FJ

For sale are these t's and the one crewneck. $10 for each T(Sink or swim tee is $15) and $20 for the crewneck. $5 shipping, but if youre buying more than 1 item we can work out prices. All shirts have been worn no more than 3 times and washed once or not washed at all. I dont know about the crewneck but i've never worn it, however it is in good condition. Paypal and usps money order is accepted. I have feedback here and on nsb and a bunch of other sites. I will trade for just about anything in large. All these shirts are size M. Any questions PM me. [Image]

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Agreement Thread

Im making an agreement with MISTUHxPYRO so if you are not him or the mods please dont post here (I have permission). Trading my prods, susu fcs and classics for his premium label crewneck, huf beanie, vans flannel and bdg khakis. Im shipping first and he is going to ship when he receives my end of the deal.

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