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Nike iD question

I was customizing my own nike on nikeiD and i was wondering how to get it so you can have your own graphic on it? such as the gym class heroes [Image] or the santanas or supremes....just wondering thanks

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My name is Chris Hanson

and im from dateline NBC and were doing a story on 'how to catch a predator'.... [URL] This guy should just stay in jail and never come out lol

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guys or a girls tee?

On their site when this tee was up most of their sizes were in girls.....or baby dolls....and when i was at a shop i saw some chick wearing it....so i was wondering if this t-shirt is for guys or girls...or both and also on their site what does the pink gp stand for under shalom...girl power? haha [Image]

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What shoe is this?


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How to be a hypebeast

[URL] its true lol

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