Official Jeezy + General Gangsterism Appreciation Thread

[URL] Snowman bitch!

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triumvir in vancouver?

Where can I find triumvir in Vancouver? Specifically their new shit?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

consider this an invitation...

to my gangster nation [URL] back to '94! WC in da house fa neeaaaaaa!

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Reason jadakiss is the best rapper alive

last verse.. shit is insane [video][/video]

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cold season...

who has a shitty cold? I do. I missed a bunch of important classes today... how long this shit last anyways?

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last night was fucked...

last night i popped pills and did some snort together... first time doing them both at the same time... plus i was drunk as fuck... lemme tell you... i stepped into the abyss. fun ass night though, we musta hit like 5 different clubs going all night... then a random house party.. anyone else here experiment with el drogas?

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i have this theory...

that hypebeast forums are engineered by marketing management teams for streetwear brands to make us HB'ers constantly want to buy new clothing. that is all.

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Levis STF vancouver store

so I was at the levis store on robson in vancouver and they had two types of STF. The regular dark ones, but right beside those they also had a pre-washed type that looked really nice but had the same STF paper flap on them. I as confused. Anyone clear this up for me?

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Tiger stripe shorts

From WDYWT: Are the shorts dude is rocking just BDU shorts? Or are they supreme or some shit? Help please. [Image]

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[WTB] - Supreme Mike Tyson tee Sz. M and Raisin Hell Sz M.

Hit me up!

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

tiger camo BDU shorts

Where to cop these in van? Military surplus store or what?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Would you do it?

So the other night I got drunk with my buddy who is deep into the game of selling a certain white candy. While being drunk I told him I would maybe do some drop offs for him if he ever wanted to give me a call. He called me last night and asked if I would like to do some shit (car drops and stuff) for him while he is toronto over the weekend. I said I'd pass on it this time. He said thats cool its up to you etc. am I an idiot for passing up an opportunity? Or did I make the right decision? I have done this shit for the green stuff, but never the white, so It's a bit sketchy for me. The only reason I am even thinking about doing this shit is cause I am trying really hard to save for a new car, working my ass off etc. Whatchu think?

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do you approach/hurt/jack people who look weaker than you?

I remember back in highschool, the popular black kids (not trying to be racist, just saying it how it is) would always try and confront weaker looking kids and jack their ass or some kinda shit. Rap music is corrupting the youth. Why can't people live wholesome lives anymore?

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Where to get samurai and APC jeans in vancouver?

Does Dutil have them? Or anywhere else?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Are you rich/how much you got in DA bank?

So are you rich? Born rich? Made it yourself? Personally I was born poor as fuck and I am trying to save some fucking money on my own. Shit is hard. How much scrilla you got stacked? Right now: 40 in wallet like 2500 in savings for new car 1200 checking.

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