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Here's my Bad Habit?

[URL] [Image] i'm from toronto and I put out these little beat tapes every few months, this is my style and i'm willing to work with any artists who feel these may fit their style. Also just for people who want to listen to music while they surf the nets and get high. Trippy shit hope yall like.

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LiL B NYU #Rare Speech

anyone know of a live stream? or know someone posting a video after?

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[Image] [URL] Take a listen, appreciate all feedback

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drake - the motto (trxnic remix)

[Embed content] tRxnto representer...

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the joy. (instrumental tape)

[Image] http://trxnic.bandcamp.com 1. PSP (puffsniffpxp) (INTRX) 2, RXLE PLAY 3. BIG HAWK 4. TRĂ…PHXUSE 5. R E D E Y E 6. RX (FXRMALLY WMD) 7. SHEXFEELSXLIKE 8. 4LETTERWXRD 9. BALLXXNS (THE WEEKND - HIGH FOR THIS REFIX BONUS) [Embed content]

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The weeknd - What You Need (tRxnic Remix)

[Embed content] just added something to the mixture, nothing to dramatic. feedback is appreciated.

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Looking for something new?

here is tRxnic again with a nother cut off his hmn Musc project "DON'T ACT". it's soundcloud so it'll be a simple click if you care to listen. "uniqueness is a gift, not a characteristic. Not to be confused as a talent. - trxnic Link: http://soundcloud.com/versacemetal/dont-act

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tRxnic - ex & eau ...just honest thoughtss

this is off the homie Tronics HMN MUSC project. i posted the single the other day. but this was out before, simple soundlcoud link. appreciate feedback. http://soundcloud.com/versacemetal/ex-eau-feat-truth troNic put out an ep last yr called Unfinished Robot that u can listen to below, along with some loose tracks(soundcloud also) http://soundcloud.com/versacemetal/sets

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whats the first song that made you start liking Lil B?

hol up trap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D91PjrEpEc&feature=related

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tronic - Rose Gold

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eZkLO870SA apologize for the last post. this is tronic, he is releasing his first single off his new prject HMN MUSC. he produced it himself along with the artwork design. if you want to listen to more hit up exf.tumblr.com. enjoy

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Tronic xxx RoSE Gold

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anyone photographers in canada willing to help build a portfolio?

i am a musician, and i have a concept for a photoshoot to surround the project i'm realeasing shortly. If anyone is intrested i can give you full details in an email. send me a line at exfoffice [at] gmail [dot] com

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what do you look for in a new artist?

lyrics? beat choice? talent? swag etc . . .

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acura integurl chopped x screwed by troNic

[Image] dwlnd here: [URL]

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Disposable Camera thread

I have been seeing a lot of pictures lately on tumblr especially of people just twekaing with their disposable cameras and they get that ill lo-fi effect. anyone have any tips or tricks on getting this effect? [Image]

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