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[WTB] Hidden Characters Size L

Bummed I missed out on a lot of drops so hmu with anything you'd be interested in parting with!

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[WTB] Large Ronin/Hidden Characters/Older Supreme/Etc. Size 12 shoes

Looking for just some nice t shirts or longsleeves or hoodies, willing to take anything I think is cool off your hands for a good price. Any new ronin pieces I will pay double to triple the retail price if I like it. Send me pictures of anything your willing to let go and I'll shoot you a reasonable offer. Also looking for shoes, if you have anything adidas, vans, nike, jordan, supreme I'll take a look.

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Anyone else fuck with this bitch? My girl turned me onto her and she got me feelin some kinda way, like its like intoxicating. Haven't even talked to my girlfriend all day either, it ain't right.

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[WTB] The OTHERS, Ronin, Hidden Characters

Looking for.. -The others m51 fishtail in medium -The others uber alles pullover in large -Ronin Brotherhood maroon tee or pullover in large -Old ronin tees in large -Everything besides the playboy tee from hidden characters in large Any smaller brand heat in large I'll definitely take a look at too just pm me and I might like it PM me with tagged pics and your price

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[WTB] Supreme :: Sunrise tee, Mont blanc hoodie + herschel

So, im looking for -black sunrise tee [Image] OOORRR A JANSPORT RIGHT PAK IN BLACK BROWN. Paypal ready, and willing to pay reasonably. No rape prices pl0x. Hmu with shipped prices, keep in mind I'm located in Canada.

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I work at a rehab centre - Ask anything

Alright so its been done before with some dude who works at the movies but I do building maintanence at my local addictions centre and thought you guys might have some questions about the crack heads or something. So ask away

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Legit check on supreme team tee.

Just wondering.. looks kinda legit, but yet seems too good to be truuuu [URL]

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