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Need a camera......

I have some business ventures that I am working on and I am tired of having to rely on my local photographers to get the job done... people dont show up on time or I dont get the look im going for. With this realization I am in need to handle this asap for product launches I have coming up etc... what im looking for is great quality. Best lenses or lens family to go into for future expansion. price range of $500-$800 what are some real world experiences you have and what should I look out for.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

What are stuffing in your body?

So im really tired of eating out all the time and feeling like crap. Dont get me wrong I still find time to go to the gym and get a workout in to work off all the bad stuff I eat. Recently I took it upon myself to eat way better and focus on what im doing to myself since we only live one life and im tryin to live it to the fullest you smell me. So im starting this thread as a way for us to see what we are eating and if you dont take this serious maybe inspire you to watch what you are putting in your body. Bare with me but im sticking to easy stuff to cook first just to get my feet wet and really start cooking the good stuff. so here it is this week im cooking Tilapia Scampi the fish: [URL] Now let me get this straight im no hippy or tree hugger type dude. Im just getting into treating my body right after the nights of clubbing and eating wrong and the likes you know how it is. and im using cooking websites for the recipes to learn from this one came from allricepes.com great place to find recipes. This should be a place for questions, and post what you are cooking or want to cook in the future.

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Your idea of fashion.

So as I'm getting more into fashion I'm looking around at people who are fashion forward people and think more about what they wear more than the average person. I know in times like these buying pieces that cost more, like high fashion items are hard to come by. I don't really prefer shopping at these high end boutiques, but I still manage to have a look that complements my style. All the stuff I buy either is at goodwill or places that are not so exclusive, and I manage to pull it off. My question is how do you define your style on a budget and do you think its sooo important to follow what others wear that end up looking the same?

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Freeware video editing program.....

so im on my search for a free video editing program and I tried most of the once that I found at download.com but non seem to work well. I used adobe premiere but It doesnt play well with my flip camera or better yet I would have to convert it to a different kind of file and lose quality to get it to work with ap. anyone go any info on a progam that can edit .avi files with no prob as it stands now the only thing I have that works on my desktop and laptop is....you guessed it windows movie maker which isn't that bad considering the fact that all im going to be doing is interviews and lights stuff no music video or movies.

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free Advice?

You know were all here trying to make our mark in this world, one way or another. So as im working on my empire I always seem to get advice from people who do not see my dream or goal/vision as to were im taking this, so why is it that they seem to always seem to give me advice as to what I should do? or what I should be doing instead of what im doing. Mind you they have not done what i am doing or have no idea where i want to go. My question to you is how do you feel about free advice do you take it or let it go in one ear and out the other.

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