WTB: Supreme Hooded Denim "Eat The Rich" Shirt-Black XL

WTB: Supreme Hooded Denim "Eat The Rich" Shirt-Black XL PM me.

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ST Invitation Code

Sup HB, Hate to make a whole post for this but didn't know where to post this.... I'm an oldschool HB and SS member based in Tokyo. I wanted to see if someone could hit me off with a ST Invitation Code. Peace! subkulture@gmail.com

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Supreme Camo Camp Cap

[WTB] Supreme Camo Camp Cap [Image]

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WTB: Supreme Box Logo New Era Navy Size 7 1/8

WTB: Supreme Box Logo New Era Navy Size 7 1/8 Please PM me ASAP, so we can work out a deal, thanks! [Image]

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FLORIDA: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, & Orlando

I'm going to Florida in a couple of days for a little over a week to visit fam which is mainly between Jacksonville and St. Augustine, but I want to hit up Daytona & Orlando while I'm there. Are there any cool spots to check out or shops? It doesn't have to be streetwear necessarily, just a dope spot to check out. I know Jacksonville has Kona which is cool, didn't there used to be a place where there was some cool shops, I'm thinking 5 points for some reason but I could be wrong, its been so long since I've been there and I remember some all ages spot with a record store called the Milk Bar, anyone know of these spots? Oh, and if there are any peeps in the area that want to meet up and chill let me know. Cheep, where ya at man?

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Where can I find the Black Scale-Moment of Truth tee (Black) XL?

Anyone? Thanks in advance......

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Fuck Tha Police!!!

Man, I fuckin' hate cops.... I was on my way to work today on campus and there is a small side road that leads to a small student parking lot and I was driving down it as I see a cop coming my way. My tint is illegal so I'm always curious to see if they are gonna try to bust me for it. So as I pass him I see him hit his break lights and I'm thinking "oh fuck here we go". So I race into the parking lot and try to park and grad my bag real quick and jet to the building, but the fucker flys through the parking lot with lights blazing for everyone to see. He jumps out and yells for me to get back into my car but I'm like fuck that, so "I say what did I do" and he just tells me to get back into my car so I just stand there and then he's all radiong in and shit like he just caught fickin bin laden on campus or some shit. Then he tells me that he is giving me a ticket for an expired inspection sticker, well I'm thinking no shit, I have illegal tint you dumbass. He get my insurance and ID and goes back to his car and does all the fucking checking he can to see if he can bust me for anything else. So I just stand there outside of my car and stare at his dumbass, the fucker is old, he looks like he should be a walmart greeter with his white hair and burt reynolds fuckin' mustache. Well he can't bust me for shit except the tint which he never got close enough to the car to check out because I wouldn't just sit down in it, in the hot ass sun and wait for his dumbass to walk up and notice that shit too. So the old fucker gave me a ticket for it. I called its gonna cost me $138.00 that I don't have to thrown down on that shit, I fuckin' work on campus right now and they don't pay shit. When I called the courthouse they don't even fuckin' care about me gettin' a new inspection sticker they just want my money.Its summer so the fuckin' cops on campus have nothing better to do, at least he never noticed my tint. So no now I'm off to see if I can get some ghetto ass place to pass my inspection, its so fucked up cause I was gonna get a new inspection this weekend cause my brother works for a car place and he said they they would pass it no problem... Sorry this is so long HB, I'm just pissed off and need to vent.........

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Hypebeast Store

hmmmmm, interesting........smokeyface

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Grandma's Boy

Yeah, I know this shits is old but I just got done watching this and its fuckin' hilarious, if you slept on this shit like me, ya gotta check it out! [URL]

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How do you get your own Urban Vinyl made?

Does anyone know of anywhere that can actually produce an Urban Vinyl that I have designed? Or perhaps a "how to" with resin or something?

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Post Cool Store Pics

I thought there was a thread where people posted up stores with dope layouts/setups, but can't find it. If there was already a thread like this then can someone send me a link, if not then post up some pics....

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These are sick!

[URL] Damn, I wish they were in my size smh

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Muscle group breakdown

Any recommendations on how to break up the muscle groups for different work out days?

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Used gear?

What's everyones feeling on buying pre-worn clothes? (i.e. kicks, t-shirts, etc.) I used to do the "vintage" gear thing but now I can't bring myself to buy anything that has previously been worn...

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Orange County ?

I'm going to Orange County tomorrow to visit a friend, are there any cool shops in that area? Thanks in advance...

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