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Atlanta Shops

I'm new to Atl. I looked through the thread, and some of the posts are pretty old, and some of the places are closed, or changed location/number. I'm into Dunks mostly, but also get some other SB styles. If anyone could let me know some current good spots, I'd appreciate it. Address or phone number would help. I don't know my way around, so I gotta use the GPS.

2 Weeks ago in United States

Denim Care Thread (for denim FAQ)

My first pair of decent denim. I got a pair of KMW 1950's off a guy who's had them folded on a shelf for a while. Now it's got these creases running the length of the leg. I've tried to iron them out, but it's not working. Any ideas on what to do without shrinking, softening, or losing a bunch of indigo? I obviously don't want to wash them.

2 Weeks ago in Denim