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Pocket T's ?

I have a few as well I got some fro Urban outfitters, I was thinking about throwing a handkerchief in there. Would that be too much?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Lookin for Stlye in Indy

Hello All, Im looking for places, I can find some fly clothing in the midwest, the type of shopping I could find in Soho NY. I just moved to Indianapolis from Jersey, and would frequent NY everyweekend, for things like partying and shopping. From what Ive seen my shopping options arent that great. But on the plus side, drink prices are less than half of that of NY.

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wash your fucking jeans you dirty hipster

Some fade/smell differently I baught a pair of Rugby back in January, and a Pair of PRPS in Feb. (relativly close) Havent washed them yet, but the Rugby's are starting to have a pretty cool fade, but they are starting to smell like butt sweat. The PRPS isnt fading that much, and doesent smell that bad. How should I wash them. And I got a pair of Selvedge from Lucky on sale for $50, was tht a good choice?

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Nike USATF LunarGlide +3

USA Track and Field, the governing body of running, cross country, and track and field in the United States. Have released a new shoe which was a collaborative effort from Nike and USA Track and field. They avalable for members now, however will be released next week to the public.

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