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Just a few Singapore questions!! (not repeat questions, i promise)

whatturrrppp wurrld. Sorry if this is a little off topic, but i have a few non fashion questions about singapore (y'all already answered all the clothes q's) firstly, is there any dope record stores in singapore? like second hand ish? my friend from bangkok brought me a few gems from like the 1970s of thai funk records/ local music, i wondderrin if singapore has anything similar? second WHERE u think has the best chicken rice/chili crab etc.?? third, any parties playin hiphop? or anything just too dope to miss?? thanks for help yo,

2 Weeks ago in Singapore

How much do Jordans weigh?

Whatturrp world i have a quick question. I'm currently takin an extended vacation and im tryna get a pair of jordan highs shipped here, can someone tell me the weight of a pair that you have so i can calculate courier costs please? i know its kinda a crazy question, sorry!!! (ps i searched all over the web except google which is blocked here and couldn't find an answer)

2 Weeks ago in Jordan