hype cog

I want a nice pair of classic high cuts in white

[Quote] Yes

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Most annoying questions asked about your gear

What brand is that? Where'd you get it? How much? Is it real? I hate it when people think all my shit is cheap too, fucking fags

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kidrobot tees in BC?

^He's right

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Stussy Flagship

Looks sick! Will try to drop by

2 Weeks ago in Canada

OFFICIAL Vancouver Shopping Guide

Where in Van can I get Know1edge or Buried Alive? Thanks!

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Nike Air Yeezy photos

They all look sick but I'm falling over the grey ones man! How much will they be? :S

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OFFICIAL Headquarter thread

Frick man, I don't wanna travel in this weather.. but I'll drop by soon, I promise! This Headquarter sounds so much better than the other one Sale ends on the 31si? Or later?

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[VANCOUVER] Official Alife Vancouver Thread

Yeah, when does Alife sale end? Was it only yesterday?

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What Video Game are You Playing

NHL 09 on Xbox 360 Division 7 on OTD!

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Canon vs nikon

Nikon! I started off with a Pentax and I tried out a Canon but a Nikon has a better feel in my hands The D50 should get back in production man!

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New discovery @ winners

[Quote] Sick, sick. I'll drop by one day, thanks man

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New discovery @ winners

[Quote] Never fucking mind. Tried out the Winners @ Metrotown and copped Levi 520s for like $35 I LOVE WINNERS

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New discovery @ winners

[Quote] I saw a Stussy hoodie a couple months ago made in Mexico. It was XXL though.. lol Lower Mainland Winners locations are garbage smh

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Buying Backpacks

Supreme's are nice I've got myself a Dakine Heli-Pro (y) It's kinda cheap but it's sturdy

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